Hotel Da Vinci and spa

Hotel Da Vinci & spa

The price for this hotel $216 a night and that's one of the lowest prices for a hotel in Paris. It got a 4.6/5. A lot of people give it a great rating. It has a pool, its luxurious, and pets are allowed.



The airports to Paris are pretty expensive rounding to $1,000 to $1,300. Some do have 2 stops but majority have only 1 stop. They are very long trips as well. I would recommend the Mesa Airlines. It is cheap and only has 1 stop. It's also the shortest trip getting there.

Some Restaurants in Paris

A lot of restaurants in Paris get a high ratings. Majority of the restaurants in Paris have a 4 and higher out of 5. The restaurants in Paris are mostly fancy and expensive, but some are fast food. Everyone gives it a high rating.

Entertainment in Paris

Paris has amazing cites to see. You can find something new just around the corner. Some really cool places from Paris is the catacombs. The catacombs is a really cool place to take a tour and see a lot of skulls and learn the history behind it. There was also they key-lock bridge but, it was taken down on June 1, 2015 because it was to heavy. There is also a lot of art and parks.


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