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August 7th, 2018

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  • Shockwave Therapy
  • Presentation Night 2018
Team Sponsors 2018

Background Image: Jacob Bigby | SWQ Thunder Men

Thunder Spotlight

Jacob Bigby (Captain) - SWQ Thunder FC Men

Player Profile

First Junior Club you played for & age?

Warwick Wolves U7

What is your personal aim this season?

Finish top 6, Score one goal. Unite the team as Captain.

Your favourite food?

Pizza with pineapple!

Pre Match Superstitions?


If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be?

World Cup or Champions League Grand Final

What training drill do you dread the most?

Interval Sprints

One word to describe you?


Best quote you’ve heard?

Winners don’t make excuses when the other team plays the game.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Pausing Time.

Jacob Bigby

“Meet the Man”

Clive Berghofer was born and bred in the Toowoomba area and his rags to riches story epitomises what can be achieved by a lot of hard work. It is certainly an intriguing self-made success story that started when Clive left school at 13 years of age with little prospects for the future.

After working in a sawmill, then with a building gang, by watching and learning he taught himself ways to do the work quicker and more efficiently. Clive worked weekends and took jobs that others wouldn't and put his heart and soul into whatever task he took on. To this day Clive still approaches everything with the same vigour.

Clive Berghofer Land Sales is Thunders Principal Sponsor. When speaking with Clive recently I asked him why he supported so many sporting clubs and his answer may surprise you. He attended a small school just outside of Toowoomba, and there were only a handful of students – certainly not enough to ever make a team, so it was always something he wanted to do, but didn’t. His support of local sporting teams stems from that desire as a young man, to play in a team !

It reminds me that it is a privilege to have parents & friends who will help you get across the country to play your chosen sport – and an honour to you all that you are selected at this 2nd division level of Football in Australia as it continues to grow in popularity.

It is also interesting that we are sponsored by such a man, who understands the level of passion and commitment required to excel in your chosen field, whether that be Football now, or career paths of the future.

His passion for giving back to the community extends to sizeable donations to Careflight, Red Cross, St Vincent’s Hospital, the Toowoomba Hospice and the USQ as well as numerous sporting associations including our own.

So let’s be appreciative – feel free to let him know – and continue to support our principal sponsor Clive Berghofer Land Sales!

SWQ Thunder FC Principal Sponsor

Background Image: Melanie Lloyd | SWQ Thunder FC Women

Thunder QLD Country Representatives

Football Queensland (FQ) has named the players who will represent the state at the FFA National Youth Championships for Boys in September. The Under 13 and Under 14 Country and Metro Teams will compete at the tournament in Coffs Harbour, hosted by Northern NSW Football, between September 24 – 28, 2018.

The Championships are an integral part of Football Federation Australia’s youth development and identification process, showcasing the best 13-year-old and 14-year-old male players from all states. SWQ Thunder FC has been well represented across both age groups and we wish the boys all the best in the tournament.

U13 Boys QLD COUNTRY 2018 Team

SWQ Thunder FC U13 NPL Boys player Khai Van Heerden has been selected to play in the FQ Qld Country pathway. Jordan Bigby was selected as a shadow player for the team.

Congratulations Khai & Jordan!

Jordan Bigby | Khai van Heerden
U14 Boys QLD Country 2018 Team

SWQ Thunder FC U14 Boys NPL players Alexander Kiers, Noah Lawson, Riley Wilmott, Jaisal Narsey and Luke Beutel have all been selected to play in the FQ QLD Country team. Brock Smith was selected as a Shadow Player for the team.

Well Done to all of our U14 Thunder Boys!

Brock Smith|Riley Willmot|Luke Beutel|Alex Kiers|Noah Lawson|Jaisal Narsey.


Luke McDonald|SWQ Thunder Men vs Western Pride FC
  • Our Thanks to 2017 Thunder Men’s Keeper, Luke McDonald, (pictured above) who returned in the Thunder Men vs Western Pride FC match at Clive Berghofer Stadium. Our regular keeper Mario Aparicio is unable to play in matches vs Western Pride due to conflicting interests. Luke generously stepped in to fill the spot, Thanks for putting the gloves on for Thunder, Luke! #thunderloyalty #thunderfamily #whosnext
  • Thunder Players have been scoring HATTRICKS again, Eli Adams put 3 past the keeper (U18’s vs ?), Henry Wells scored a fantastic 4 goals (U15 Boys vs Brisbane Strikers) and followed up with a further 3 goals (U15 Boys vs Moreton Bay), Maddy Lockwood netted 3 goals (U17 Girls vs Moreton Bay). Chloe Hutton put 3 past the keeper (U17 Girls vs Moreton Bay) ** apologies if I have incorrect information - my Game Day App is not working for me to confirm the stats! Feel free to add any missed Thunder Players Achievements in the FB Thunder Express Post!
  • Thunder Goalies have been keeping CLEAN SHEETS, Marcus Johnson (U15 Boys vs Brisbane Strikers), Harrison Hepner (U14 Boys vs Lions FC?) ** apologies if I have incorrect information - my Game Day App is not working for me to confirm the stats! Feel free to add any missed Thunder Players Achievements in the FB Thunder Express Post!
Travis Cooper with Thunder U14 Boys Levi & Luke
  • Great to see our SWQ Thunder U14 Boys, Levi & Luke, (pictured above) come to the SWQ Thunder Men V Magpie Crusaders game to support the club & their Coach, Thunder Men’s player Travis Cooper at Clive Berghofer Stadium! #thunderfamily
  • Congratulations to Thunder Coach Dan Percy on gaining his Senior C License qualification. Dan currently coaches the Thunder NPL U15 Boys Team. #thundercoacheducation #sooooomuchpaperwork
  • Coaching 101# Lions FC U18’s Coach was caught in a “how not to coach moment” after yelling at his team from the sideline in their recent 5-0 Loss to Thunder for all the crowd to hear “Can anyone actually pass to our team instead of to blue” ........ that would be a NO or at least not very often! #toofunny #frustratedcoach #thunderwin A great win by our Thunder U18’s and a very entertaining game to watch..... #chasingatopfourspot
  • The not to be named former Thunder lollipop eating Goalkeeper made another appearance in the Thunder Men vs Lions FC match! HOW is a player able to eat a lollipop while on the field & WHY? #thatstickcouldpokeaneyeout #wewontevenmentionthebeanie
  • A comedian in the crowd cracked a funny when a Thunder player was being treated for an injury on the field. When being assessed, the Physio had the player lie on his back and bent said players leg up to his stomach - the joker in the stands timed the “fart noise” at just the right time to bring a chuckle from the crowd! #supportershenanigans #whyarefartjokessofunny #boyswillbeboys
  • Just a quick mention on how fantastic our SWQ Thunder Parents, Managers & Coaches are on Home Game Days helping out with running lines on games Junior NPL games when Referees may be down a linesmen - Thunder truly appreciates the help and generous volunteering from our Thunder Family. I recently attended 3 Junior NPL AWAY games where the host team could not supply a 3rd linesman for all games and where the host teams manager, coaches and parents DID NOT volunteer to assist. However our Thunder family still stepped up and gave a helping hand. Great Job Thunder - you make us all proud!
  • You can’t wear earrings on the playing field… even taped over, it is still at the Referee’s discretion, so please keep that in mind when getting new piercings. #butyouCANeatalollipop
  • Can our Thunder Mum who spoke to me about the Flamingo idea, make contact again ! You know who you are!!! Thanks, Mandy
  • NPLW teams – U13, U15, U17 & Senior Women’s – are now training at Kearney Springs. It’s great news that the lights are on, goals are in place, and line-marking complete. (Many Thanks to our Sponsor Advance Buildings Systems – Steel Frames - for lending their crane truck and driver, and to Tim Littlejohn and Keagan Sheridan for line-marking the fields). Now for some facilities…..anyone with a temporary port-a-loo they can lend us??
WNPL Training Fields | Keagan Sheridan Line Marker Pro
  • We have 3 men who perform Emcee (or is it MC) duties at our stadium games – it’s quite a talent to decipher & pronounce some of those ‘special’ names that crop up on team sheets! So we share our appreciation for the entertainment guys!! Thanks to Snow Green, Brian Marriage, and Jason Hall, our regular ground announcer volunteers.
  • Our U13, U15, U17 Girls & Women are looking great in their Priceline Pharmacy sponsored pink socks and jerseys for the Goalkeepers.
Representation Recognition

Thank you thank you thankyou, to those who have sent in photos of thunder players proudly representing the region through school sport. I would like to take a moment to explain why in the past we have not included school sport achievements in our newsletter.

State School Championships are not linked to FQ and therefore as a club we have never been provided with information from FQ relating to player involvement. The Queensland Country and Queensland player pathways (through FQ) for boys and girls is a club notified achievement. Through out this season we have had many players represent Darling Downs and Queensland through school sport and in keeping with past habits we have not named players or singled out school sport achievers, it would be difficult to change this now as many players will have not been recognised.

If parents and coaches are happy to supply the information next season, we would love to give these players a shout out and will start the season with this in mind. We congratulate all players who have represented the Darling Downs (and there are lots) and those who go on to represent the State, as a club we are extremely proud of your individual achievements.

SWQ Thunder FC is proud to assist with player development through our coaching, game opportunities and FQ player pathways which assist our Thunder family in achieving their best performances both for our club and in school sporting achievements!

Fines, Fines, Fines

Did you know . . . . .

That SWQ Thunder FC (and all other NPL Clubs) pay a FINE to Football Qld for the Red AND accumulated Yellow cards that our Thunder players receive on the field!

Yep..... There’s a point system that accrues, and for the period February – July, Thunder had to pay $915.00 in fines.

Here’s 3 ways YOU can help to reduce the amounts of these fines:

  1. No foul tackles (unless it’s a last ditch effort to save that goal)
  2. No swearing (well, only if it’s not audible to the Ref! - let’s be realistic here)
  3. Don’t backchat the Ref (if needed you can physically cover your teammates mouth with your hand to get him to stop talking, as seen in a recent Junior Boys game - it worked a treat!)

Good Luck to all players and let’s hope Thunder can reduce that Fine amount towards the end of the season!

#keagansheridan1inevery4games #lukelisterbakersdozen

Background Picture: Mario Aparicio | SWQ Thunder FC Men

Thunder Milestones

Jacob Bigby

SWQ Thunder FC Men’s Team Captain Jacob Bigby played his 79th NPL Senior Men’s game (vs Moreton Bay United) for SWQ Thunder FC, making him the most capped player for the club. Jacob surpassed former Thunder player Tom Fanning who was in the lead with 76 Thunder games.

#couldbemore #6weeksuspension 😳

Keagan Sheridan

Congratulations to SWQ Thunder FC Men’s player Keagan Sheridan who has racked up 100 NPL Senior Men’s games (for SWQ Thunder FC & Western Pride FC). Keagan’s tally for Thunder stands at 76 games, a close third behind current Men’s Captain, Jacob Bigby & former Thunder Player Tom Fanning. It’s likely that before the end of the season Keagan will take 2nd spot on the leaderboard.


Fletcher mcdonald

Congratulations to U18 & U20’s player, Fletcher McDonald, who made his Senior Mens debut vs Mackay Whitsundays Magpies Crusaders. Fletcher becomes the first SWQ Thunder player to come from U12 NPL Juniors all the way through to Senior Men!

#commitment #thunderpride #thunderfamily

Background Picture: Jackson Franke | SWQ Thunder FC Men

Thunder Girls represent

SWQ Thunder FC Players Holly Littlejohn and Alyssa Cox were selected in the FQ Player Pathway Queensland U14 & U15 Team. Personal achievements for the girls came in the form of Holly being named Captain and Alyssa scoring an impressive 5 goals in the competition. A fantastic effort from our girls and an excellent football experience for both players . See below for a quick interview with Holly & Alyssa.


Q. ​How did you feel when you first got chosen to represent Queensland?

I was so excited I accidentally kicked a hole in the wall at home.

Q.​How did you feel when you got named captain?

I thought it was pretty cool and a great opportunity.

Q.​What did you think after you first game?

I thought, WOW…this is the real deal.

Q.​After playing for Qld. What is your next goal?

To make the Young Matildas.

Message from Holly – I’d like to Thank Mum and Dad, Thunder Coaches and gang.

Holly Littlejohn
ALYSSA COX - U15 Qld team

Q. ​How did you feel when you first got chosen to represent Queensland?

Shocked but excited and proud to represent QLD

Q.​Congratulations, on scoring 4 goals for Qld at the championships. How did it feel to score the first?

It was such a good feeling, I worked hard to make it happen.

Q.​What was the highlight for you?

I really liked being with the team and learning from the coaches.

Q.​What are your future goals?

I would like to be selected for the NTC Roar team and eventually play for the Matildas.

Alyssa Cox



The U12 SAP boys showed their sportsmanship and were all smiles after their game, even though they went down 2-1 to Mitchelton. The whole team played extremely well showing their improved passing skills and stronger defence. A fabulous back flick kick from Nick Brehaut scored our goal. Some strong play from Quinn Farmer receiving the "Moose" man of the match award. The team is doing well winning more than half of our games so far this season in a tough competition.

U12 Boys SAP Team - SWQ Thunder FC

* Content submitted by U12 Boys SAP Team

National Premier Leagues Club

Swq Thunder U14 Boys NPL

Some of the U14 Thunder Team went to Eat Street Northshore after a recent game against Brisbane Strikers. They started with a photo at the entry Love Heart, followed by dinner and finished with an ice cream. They also strutted their dance moves on the stage with the band to the applause of the crowd.

We have some groovy dancers in this Thunder Team!!

U14 NPL Boys- Eat Street North Shore

* Content submitted by SWQ Thunder FC U14 Boys Team


2019 Season

expressions of interest

Technical directors, Coaches, assistant Coaches & Managers

SWQ Thunder FC are calling for Expressions of Interest for Technical Directors, Coaches, Assistant Coaches and Managers who are interested in positions with our Club in 2019.

SWQ Thunder is the elite pathway for players throughout SWQ. Coaches and Assistant Coaches need to be available for three nights a week training, coaching workshops, game day availability and have the ability to follow the FFA Curriculum and advanced pathways, and wanting to learn & progress towards higher accreditation along the way.

Game days involve traveling throughout SEQ for SAP, Junior Boys, U20 Men & NPL Women's teams, The Senior Men's Team travels throughout the state & when traveling to northern centers, this involves a full weekend.

This can be a rewarding experience if you are interested in being involved in the elite pathway. The following positions, with minimum licence requirements as stated, are required.

Coaches that do not meet minimum licence requirements are still encouraged to apply as the Club can assist with attaining the relevant licence. Coaches and Assistant Coaches will be remunerated while the Manager is a volunteer position.

Please show your expression of interest by completing the form via the link below and submit by Friday 10 August. (Yes that is tommorrow!!!!)

In an effort to make continual improvements as a Semi-professional Club we need to give appropriate notice to all new potential candidates, but if you are already a coach/manager hoping to stay on, we also need to hear from you asap!


Highfields FC

Great job from the Junior Highfields FC Players who were invited to our local derby match, SWQ Thunder Men vs Westetn Pride FC , at Clive Berghofer Stadium. They did a great job escorting the teams onto the field and enthusiastically performed ball boy & girl duties.

They finished off the night chatting on the field with our SWQ Thunder FC Men’s Team and collecting a few signatures on their Thunder Posters!



Our very own SWQ Thunder FC SAP players were invited to attend the Thunder Men vs Mackay Magpie Crusaders as Mascots! Thanks Boys for a job well done 👍

Gatton Redbacks

Junior Gatton Redbacks players attended the SWQ Thunder Men vs Brisbane Lions FC at Clive Berghofer Stadium!

A great job by the Redbacks who had a fantastic night at the football! SWQ Thunder FC appreciates our local juniors coming out and supporting the team.

Presentation night 2018

Friday 31st August, 2018

Presentation Night Invite!

As the season for 2018 wraps up we invite Coaches, players, parents and families to come together at THE BLANK SPACE, Mills Precinct Ruthven St.

Snag Daddy (gourmet hotdogs) and Pickwick Baked Spuds will be serving food and soft drinks from 5:30 and we would love for everyone to come along and eat and chat for an hour.

“THE BLANK SPACE” | The Mills Precinct, Ruthven St

We will kick off the presentation at 6:30 and move through teams, starting from U9 SAP teams and progressing to Senior Teams. We anticipate the evening will conclude by about 10:00pm at the latest and parents with young children may choose to take them home at the half way mark if they can’t go the distance.

There is NO attendance charge for the evening, there will be a bar available for all over 18 to purchase drinks and of course we hope you support the local foodies and buy your dinner before the night kicks off.


Catch up Game info

There are many questions flying around regarding catch-up games – where will they be? When we will be notified? How can there be finals if all games are not played? What is the process for rescheduling games? And on and on and on……

Unfortunately we do not have all the answers but here is what I can tell you.

About three weeks ago there was approx. 90 games needing to be rescheduled and played across the competition and of those 90 games Thunder have 17. That may seem like we have a large number of games to play compared to other clubs and if you do the calculations and percentages we do. Location, Location, Location, it is far easier to reschedule a mid week make up game in the same city as the opposition. Travelling mid-week as a Thunder team can cause concerns for players with school and work commitments.

Of those 17 games only 3 are Thunder home games and these are games we can have the most imput into rescheduling. There is a process emailing back and forward with suggestions of suitable times and venues, through FQ to opposition teams and hopefully an agreeable time for both teams can be negotiated. If we are not the home team we must sit back and wait for the opposition to offer us a suitable time and venue. Obviously what suits one team and what suits another is often very different, throw in that referees must be available and the door is closing on the end of the season and you can imagine the task FQ are faced with. It is unlikely that all games will be played; FQ will follow the process and advise our club administrator of the outcome of all unplayed games.

Background Picture: Dale Lenkeit| SWQ Thunder FC U18 Boys

Podiatry Point

Lisa Wilkes

Shockwave therapy! You will be SHOCKED how much it could help YOU!! Have you ever suffered a tightness that you cannot stretch out, a niggly pull or even a sharp pain in a tendon that just never goes away?

Most of us participating in sport of any type will suffer from these symptoms at some stage. It is when these symptoms just won’t go away that we need to look for alternative solutions. So if your symptoms stay around for month after month and you feel that there is nothing you else you can do to overcome them then we would like to introduce you to shockwave therapy. This treatment can definitely give you the edge over your competitors!

Shockwave therapy is the application of sound wave into an area of injury. The soundwave is generated by a metal ball projected down a small metal cylinder. At the end of the cylinder, there is an applicator that transfers the energy from the ball into the body. This triggers a series of biological events that in turn create the desired injury relief outcome and speed up healing.

I know what you are saying…. It sounds like this might hurt!

While shockwave therapy can be a little uncomfortable it is designed so that the settings can be adjusted to give you the best results for as little discomfort as possible.

So how does it actually work?

What the sound wave does to the muscle tendon or bone is sets off a cascade of events that result in pain relief, improved movement and accelerated tissue repair.

This treatment is not generally used as a stand alone treatment and is often combined with stretch strengthening and dry needling. What we are seeing though is that our patients are getting better faster and have longer lasting results.

So if you would like to book your appointment to see if you are a candidate for shockwave therapy click the link below to book online now or call us on (07) 46462016 or visit us here to learn more.


If you would like to learn more or see a live session then click on one of the video links below to get your questions answered.

Facebook Link | YouTube Link


There are two important words every soccer player needs to learn: rehab and prehab. Rehab is what you undertake to recover from injury and it involves treatment, cold therapy, and remedial exercise to return to normal function. Prehab however has two sides to it-either it’s what you do once you are out of rehab (so that the injury hopefully never occurs again) or it’s what you do to never get that injury! (hopefully) Prehab is mainly exercise, with occasional maintenance treatment.

To play soccer well (from a health point of view) you need to be supple, strong, and fit. It’s not without reason that soccer clubs employ a STRENGTH and conditioning coach! Learn how to stretch properly, to keep your body symmetrically mobile; learn which muscle groups, if you strengthen them, protect your joints; learn the best approaches to aerobic, anaerobic and “fast speed” fitness. If you do you will hopefully enjoy the game more, with less injuries causing misery in a season.

Where’s Thunder

Wrap up of the NPL Competition Ladder and where the Thunder teams are on the ladder (current at time of publishing).

NPL Swq thunder fc
  • U13 Boys - 11th out of 11 teams.
  • U14 Boys - 5th out of 11 teams - Working hard for a finals berth!
  • U15 Boys - 5th out of 11 teams - Making a late run for finals!
  • U16 Boys - 10th out of 11 teams.
  • U18 Boys - 5th out of 11 teams - In contention for the finals!
  • U20 Yth - 6th out of 11 teams.
  • Men - 11th out of 14 teams.

**Some NPL teams have a Game in hand.

  • U13 Girls - 8th out of 13 teams - Working hard for a finals berth!
  • U15 Girls - 9th out of 13 teams
  • U17 Girls - 5th out of 13 teams - In contention for the finals!
  • Women - 14th out of 14 teams.

**Some WNPL teams have a Game in hand.

Anthony Grant | Swq Thunder men

Thunder & You

Newsletter information

Thank you to all of our Thunder Members who have been busy sending in photos, information and tidbits to add to our Thunder Express Newsletter! If you have some news, photos or gossipy tidbits that you think should be included in our club newsletter - pass it along by sending the information to the Thunder FB page by private message! #cantwaittohearfromyou

Date claimers
  • 10th August 2018 - Final date for all interested Coaching Staff to submit their Expression of Interest in a SWQ Thunder FC Coaching position for the 2019 Season! Forms can be found HERE.
  • 31st August 2018 - End of Year Awards Night for the entire SWQ Thunder Football Club - NPL, WNPL & SAP.
  • Oct/Nov/Dec 2018 - As the 2018 Season is rapidly coming to a close please be aware that TRIALS for the 2019 NPL Season will be scheduled at the end of 2018. SWQ Thunder FC are currently confirming trial dates and locations for all age groups. Email notification and FB Announcements will be sent in September with information but it never hurts to put it on your radar now.
  • November/December 2018 - As mention has been made above of trials please also remember to “put on your radar” Fee Payments for the 2019 Season if you are successful in the trial stage! With Christmas being so close it’s always helpful to work this into your budget! Further information regarding fees and payment schedules will be announced in September - so again keep an eye on those emails.
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