Watch The Gap By Mackenzie Lynch

A Discrimination Gap

Free the Nipple. Not the biggest issue today right? Is it even an issue? Wong. Free the Nipple, a radical movement, in which people, specifically women, seek gender equality and the termination of body discrimination. What originally started as a movement by free-spirited women, has turned into a global campaign raising awareness for the still current issue of gender inequality.

No, I am not saying that I would walk around topless, but why should I not be allowed? A man could spend an entire day on the beach topless and no one would bat an eye at it. But women must spend $80 or so on designer bathing suits to cover ourselves up. Many of the tops barely cover anything, but as long as the nipple is covered, everything’s ok. So why is it that we have a problem with the nipple. Everyone has them. Yet, the blood of our society boils at the thought of all equal rights.

Women and men both have breasts. A woman’s breast consists of milk for breastfeeding and a little extra breast tissue. Whereas a male’s breast is not as conspicuous as the female’s, despite the fact they are able to be topless in public. Society has overly sexualized pouches of fat and milk on a female’s chest.

Body discrimination is a very current issue we have today. Whether you’re young or old, you can be judged for your appearance. However, what we don’t realize is how much we actually judge others and contribute to the body discrimination. If you were to see a women in either a revealing top or running in a sports bra, your immediate thought may be to judge them. If not, good for you, you have already crushed the double standard of discrimination. But if you are one of the many who subconsciously think that, realize that that itself contributes to the problem. If we as women ever want to reach full equality, we have to start with the little things that include our subconscious thoughts.

A Con to the Conflict

However, the Free the Nipple Campaign does not please everyone. Most people are bothered by a public display of affection, let alone public nudity. Thus, not even for the equality aspect, just pure uncomfort. Public breastfeeding is the most common controversial argument of this topic. It’s seen as public indecency and brings up the concern of passerbys seeing more than needed. Even so, some argue more deeply that breastfeeding is too intimate for it to be public or that it’s a sacred ritual. According to, public breastfeeding in other countries is viewed as “obscene” and “vulgar”. This thought process is derived from religious concepts and beliefs, but nevertheless is still heavily frowned upon and can have non-violent punishment. Another con of breastfeeding is it’s not deemed appropriate for children. People do not want their children to be exposed to this, thus subconsciously starting body discrimination from a young age. Nonetheless, this is then ironic because those kids society seems to be worried about corrupting were most likely breastfeeding within three years prior. The children do not need protecting from this so called obscenity that is public breastfeeding, they need protecting from the thoughts of their already corrupted, discriminating parents.

Free the Mind and the Nipple

What originally started as a movement by free-spirited women, has turned into a global campaign raising awareness for the still current issue of gender inequality. We have already come so far with this movement, we cannot back down to those who are not open to a much needed change. Do not let anyone let you think your body needs to stay hidden or that you should feel of any less value than that of someone else, specifically males. It may seem like an insignificant battle to fight for many, but it is the foundation and backbone that we do not realize holds up many major conflicts. If you are uncomfortable with the thought of “Freeing the Nipple”, start with freeing your mind first and allowing yourself to explore the different possibilities and views of gender equality. Then, see where you go from there.

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