Volume 2, Number 10

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

I don't trust words. I trust pictures―Gilles Peress

state of the union

Drema Swader

As many of you already know, one thing which can make you a better photographer is studying the works of others. Whether it is someone you admire or an image you see in a museum or gallery, examining the pictures and asking yourself questions as you view a photograph can help you improve your own photography.

Darkroomers is quite a resource for examining the works of other photographers. Be sure to take time to view the images of your fellow photographers hanging in our galleries. It is natural to gravitate toward the photos you like the most and to spend time looking at them. But don't just examine the images you like best. Study an image and ask yourself what it is you like or do not like about a photo. Study the composition, the lighting, the post-processing. How did the photographer utilize these elements to capture the image? Was it done in such a way as to evoke an emotion, or to tell a story? How does this image differ from other images you have seen of the same or a similar scene? What sets it apart? Do you see things which you would have done differently if you had shot the scene? Is it the post-processing that sets it apart? Is it over or under processed? Take a look at the paper on which the image was printed. Become familiar with the papers used and decide if you think it was the best choice for the particular image.

If you were present during the monthly critique, try to remember what the judge said about the image. Did you agree with the judge's assessment? If not, why not? Do you think the judge was too harsh on technical details? Did the judge not see what the photographer was trying to communicate? Maybe it just wasn't the judge's favored genre. What type of photography does the judge usually shoot? Think about whether this might have influenced the judge's critique. Trying to understand why the judge evaluated the image as they did will help you understand what it is the photographer could have done better.

Then go back and study your own images. View them with a critical eye. Could you have been more creative in your composition? Could you have gone to the area at a different time to catch better lighting? Or what if you had processed it differently or printed it on a different paper?

One of the best ways to find your own style is to study the works of others and determine what it is you like, and which types of photographs excite you.



walk the plank

Darkroomers will once again be hosts to the Scott Kelby Photowalk this month. The event takes place October 7th from 3-6P and we want everyone in the club to share in the experience, help out and be leaders in the community.


money maker

This year the Scott Kelby Walk will feature sights from the San Diego Maker Faire. Maker Faires are where cosplay meets invention and San Diego has one of the largest public displays in the country. It wlll be a hands-on visual feast of creativity and a celebration of the Maker movement in Southern and Baja California. Perfect for photography! Oh and there are usually quite a few dogs—if you like taking photos of dogs.

Maker Faire's Past

foster grant

Darkroomers has signed on to be the official club to photograph the 2017 San Diego Maker Faire. That means those who participate in the Scott Kelby Walk will get a laminate granting them special access for photographing the event. Participants must submit their photos to be featured on the Faire's website, newsletters, collateral marketing materials, etc... More details will be announced at the October 4th meeting. We are very excited to take part in this great event!


better off dead

Dead Hombre by Jeff Booher

Every year Darkroomers goes On Location to Old Town for the annual Dia de los Muertos celebration. This year is no different and Darkroomers are planning its annual Darkroomers On Location: Dia de los Muertos group photo outing.

Dia de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, has some excellent photographic opportunities as these folks put on their makeup and want to be photographed. Some even have makeup artists and hairstylists just to get them ready for the event. A few even have their outerwear specially crafted by threadsters looking to have their wares shown off in public to be photographed.

Swirly by Jeff Booher

Expect ridiculously gorgeous makeup, amazing garments, gaudy jewelry, veils and even a few hats as this event rises from the grave on Saturday, October 28th at 11A. Meet at the Cosmopolitan hotel for the required group photo then it's onto the taking of the pictures. Get there early as parking is going to be a challenge. Folklorico dancing starts at 9:45A—another fun event to photograph.



Quarterly update

biker gang

Mars Bars by Jeff Booher

The final days of our Quarterly Competition are upon us so you need to get out your bike and start pedaling if you want to win. We have just one remaining competition after this to see who wins the Pitt Warner and Harris Wallace trophies this year.


Competition night is October 4th at 7P and we have a great documentary from National Geographic to present during the event. Jeff is in charge of refreshments who already has the shrimp on ice.


club news

we the people

President Drema presented a proposal for consolidating the constitution and bylaws into a single document at the September 20th meeting. Consolidating the club's charter into a single, unified document is not a new idea. A consolidated charter was first penned three years ago and quickly fell apart when, then President David Delgadillo, was unable to get the support needed to move the policy change forward. A second, less radical, draft, was inked last year but was unable to get the needed sponsorship from the Board of Directors.


The language in the 2017 version of the unified document is very similar to the 2016 version—with just a few minor changes. The intent of the change is to make it easier for the club to modify the club's charter to meet the growing demands of the club, keep up with current standards, streamline processes and simplify policies. Once the changes to the charter are in place, we can do-away with the proxy balloting procedure which was necessary to make constitutional amendments.

One of the most impactful implementations of the unified document is the way in which the club runs its annual elections. Nowadays, the club must nominate and elect nine officers every year—far more than any other club. Some have argued that past Presidents had appointed certain offices—which is the process if an office is or becomes vacant. The current constitution, however, states that the entire Board of Directors must be nominated and elected which makes our elections quite cumbersome. The unified document, which the Board of Directors is recommending, reduces the number of elected officers to just four. That means that four officers will be nominated on November 29th and elected at the first meeting in December—should the measure be adopted. The balance of the Board of Directors in the organization serve as Presidential Appointments. Appointees are still required to attend and vote at all board meetings.


the magnificent seven

Several of you have asked to move regular meeting start times to 7P and the Board of Directors has agreed to make that change to the club's charter. The change to move the meeting start time to 7P will be voted on as part of the omnibus package included in the unified document at the October 18th meeting. If the measure passes then we will move our meeting start time for the November 1 meeting to 7P. That means, for those who are bringing refreshments, you should try to arrive early enough to get refreshments setup before the start of our social gathering. The cut-off time for print submissions will be moved to 6:50P.


interclub news

Darkroomers did not win any awards or ribbons at the last two month's-worth of interclub competitions. Fallbrook neglected to submit their images on time (for the second time this year) so Darkroomers is barely hanging on to third place overall. Fallbrook will get a makeup at the next competition but, based on their performance so far this year, it looks like they will pull ahead of Darkroomers in the final stretch.


pass the potatoes

The November Interclub competition has been moved to November 28th at 7:30P so that you can spend Thanksgiving with your family and friends. November 28th will be the last competition of the year so it really comes down to the wire for Darkroomers. Send your best images for the season finale to help preserve our legacy of not coming in last place. Finishing in last place will be a first for Darkroomers.




Debbie Beals

Our judge for October is former Darkroomer and Photonaturlists Camera Club stalwart, Debbie Beals. Debbie is an avid nature photographer and has won numerous awards. Her work has garnered top honors at Interclub competitions since she became a member and is often on display in the Foyer and Reception Galleries. Back when Debbie was a Darkroomer, she was one of the last to have her own exhibit in the Foyer Gallery.

Debbie Studied Art and Interior & Graphic Design at San Diego State University and now she is the owner of Stamps Delight where she hosts workshops and has loads of stamps and stamping-related items.

I savor precious moments and try to make a daily difference


community news

lights, camera, auction

Save the date for the most visionary event of the year–MOPA’s Photo Auction. Featuring vintage and contemporary works by more than 60 photographers. This spectacular event includes silent and live auctions and a cocktail reception with culinary sensations by esteemed Chef, Andrew Spurgin.

All proceeds from the auction will directly support MOPA’s world-class exhibitions and award-winning education programs. Absentee and phone bidding options will be available for those who are unable to attend the event in person.

250USD; 14 October; 6-11P; MOPA



Traction Control by Jeff Booher

2017 marks 41 Years that the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum has been in Vista, California and the Museum has a fun festival planned that should have some fun photographic opportunities.

Running steam traction engines, stationary steam engines, n-scale model railroad, blacksmithing, weaving & spinning, wheelwrights, grist mill, West Coast Clock & Watch Museum train rides and free wagon rides.

10USD; 21 October; 9A-4:30P; Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum; Vista


extremely wet

Extreme Sailing

Whether you’re a hard-core sailing fan or a wide-eyed newbie, the Extreme Sailing Series has something for everyone. The Race Village puts fans right at the heart of the action―racing their catamarans at full throttle.

Extreme Kiteboarding

The Extreme Sailing Series Act 7 event will also be hosting the 1st Annual Extreme San Diego Kiteboard Invitational―bringing top riders from around the world.

FREE21 October; Harbor Island


monster bash costume contest

Monster Bash is bringing in a dedicated stage for the Costume Contest! For the first time ever, costumes will be judged throughout the entire night so expect a lot of great costumes.

40USD; 28 October; 6P; Gaslamp Quarter


british car day

The 38th Annual British Car Day―a display of British cars and motorcycles. Hundreds of vehicles built in Great Britain from owners along the West Coast, South West and Canada will be on display.

FREE; 8 October ; 9A; Spanish Landing@Harbor Island




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