Jonah was also a compass

We live towards what we want and love

The ambition of making money by working more. The desire to travel all around the world. And the unconditional love to family.

Humans work like a compass.

But the ultimate decision has God by blowing the wind to give us direction on where to go to fulfill His purpose.

As a compass, we need to recalibrate

As God recalibrate and fixes us, he also protects us from our surroundings.

God controls everything

Jonah tried to go the other direction God had told him to go. Even though Jonah did not do God's will in the beginning, God used rain and a whale to get him where he wanted Jonah to be.

Jonah was a compass that God recalibrate in order for him to do God's will in Ninevah.

Jonah's plan was completely different to what God had planned. At the end, Jonah realized that God used him to share the love of God to the people of Nineveh.

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Rebeca Lopez

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