Marlie's Learning Preferences 2016-2017

September 2016

What are my skills, strengths, and abilities?

I am strong at math, art, and mechanics. I am social and I always watch out for others who struggle. I also work well with younger children. I am a good negotiator. I am a skilled hunter.

What are my interests?

I am really interested in putting things back together, having a good time, and helping others. I love to draw and create graphic design.

What are my weak areas? What can I work on in order to improve my learning?

I need to follow written directions more closely. I often don't get credit that I deserve when I skip a lot of details that my teachers ask me to do. I need to work on my essay skills. I am a careless writer.

What is important to me? What are my core values and principles?

It is really important to me to be able to experience things. I prefer to do things as a way of learning instead of sitting. Honesty and fairness are also very important to me. I value my friends and money.

Reading Preferences

October 2016

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