Social Media Editorial Calendar 2016


Post up to Five times on these days:

Monday | Wednesday | Friday | Saturday

  1. Mention how excited you are about any upcoming campaigns, offers, events, etc.
  2. Give a shout out to a recent client or local business after a good experience.
  3. Talk Community: “What organizations are you guys involved with in the community and how long have you been a member?”
  4. Talk Volunteering: “We're looking for some volunteer opportunities and would love to hear what kinds of things you guys have done in the past!”
  5. I'm what you call a coffee addict. What's your go-to coffee beverage?
  6. Talk about your favorite vacation spot and why. Tell them to share theirs as well.
  7. Talk Special Events! Upcoming weddings, events, anniversaries, etc.
  8. Featured Venue of the Week. Start with Mendenhall Inn
  9. Share what to wear tips for your clients. Check out the trends of the season and share what you’ve learned. Make sure to use your own words or cite the page where you found it as to avoid plagiarism.
  10. "Check out this adorable prop I just found on Etsy!"
  11. Mention a place you recently went to and talk about your experience.
  12. Post an update on what you're currently doing in your day while you're doing it.
  13. Talk about a new brand you tried that you really liked.
  14. Talk Pinterest: “I just love this DIY project I found on Pinterest. Thought I’d share for all you crafty people out there. Can’t wait to try it! (Insert Link)”
  15. Show a before/after of a photo you recently took. For example, a cropped photo where the crop made all the difference.
  16. Request opinions on a certain item you've been thinking about buying or place you've been meaning to try.
  17. Compare and Contrast: “I can’t decide…which version do you like better – the color or the black and white? (Post a side by side photo from one of your sessions/weddings)”
  18. Pop-Culture Compare/Contrast: "Which dress did Jennifer Aniston rock out best in which movie?"
  19. Pop-Culture: "Just heard this awesome song on Pandora...what do you have on replay?"
  20. Ask your followers about their upcoming holiday plans.
  21. Bring up something everyone can relate to: high gas prices, weather, etc.
  22. Talk Community: “What organizations are you guys involved with in the community and how long have you been a member?”
  23. Talk Exercise: “I really want to get in shape before wedding season. Any good workout regimens that you all can suggest? What has worked for you?”
  24. Talk Motivation: “What do you guys do to get yourself out of a procrastination or creative rut?”
  25. Talk Resolutions: “Any New Year's resolutions?” “How are your resolutions going?”
  26. Talk about something exciting that happened during your day, even if it doesn't seem like too big of a deal. “I got so much great mail today! I love mail!” “The burger I had at BurgerTown was the best thing I've eaten in a month!”
  27. Share what to wear tips for your clients. Check out the trends of the season and share what you’ve learned. Make sure to use your own words or cite the page where you found it as to avoid plagiarism.
  28. Link to a funny video or picture you saw recently (keep it non-controversial).
  29. Talk Sessions: “Oh my goodness! Check out this new prop I just bought from @company! Can't wait to use it! (Add photo)”
  30. Share a picture of your pet and ask others to share photos of theirs.
  31. "Question time! What upcoming events or parties are you looking forward to at the moment?"
  32. "I'm always on the prowl for new formal attire (and shoes, obvi). Does anyone have any shopping recommendations or Pinterest inspiration boards?" NOTE: best used on personal facebooks and shared on the company timelines.
  33. Today is National Reach as High as You Can Day! Great things can happen when you put in the extra effort. What was your most satisfying achievement today? (4/14/16)

sales status' facebook

These are the top ideas for supporting boost campaigns, special offers, limited edition sessions and more. Only use up to Three of these per week, and mostly on a weekend!

  1. "Who wants {$$$} bonus bucks for prints and products? Just book a session with us and it's all yours! {Contact Us Link} to check availability and claim this offer! (This deal excludes mini sessions)."
  2. "StudioThree is hosting a BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY sale! No way we're missing out on that kind of fun! Get 30% off all portrait packages, prints and products on orders placed by Monday at 11:59pm EST! (excludes mini sessions)." This needs to be posted to personal facebook pages that link to our business page - otherwise it doesn't make any sense.
  3. "Hey Youz Guyz! BOGO prints online today ONLY! Buy one print, get another of the same size for F-R-E-E FREE! ."
  4. Holiday: "Want free holiday cards? Book any session by {date of expiration} and get 25 holiday cards to send to friends and family with our compliments. Call us at (215) 259-3350!" NOTE: be absolutely sure about the quantity of cards that are given away with the session, and make sure that there's a tiered pricing structure that requires the purchase of DOUBLE what is offered with compliments.
  5. "Did our Limited Edition Session pass you by? Wipe away those tears! {LE session} is available for the remainder of the week. Offer applies to all portrait packages, prints and products."
  6. "Give the gift of memories! Book a session with StudioThreePhoto for someone else, and we'll gift you the same exact session! {Contact Us Link} or call us (215) 259-3350 today for availability." NOTE: this should be distributed with campaigns intermitted and should increase our bookings exponentially!!
  7. "WEDDING ALBUM BLOWOUT SALE! Book any wedding from now until (date) and get a FREE coffee table book album. This deal is good for new clients only. Email us at to take advantage."

Limited Edition (LE)

Mini-Sessions & Special Events

These can be used in status updates which reinforce a campaign or be used as the main focus of a campaign, blog post, tweet, and especially on Tumblr in regards to Burlesque & Provocateur Sessions posted to respective blog (

Tip Based/Interactive
  1. "Mini-Sessions are an excellent alternative for anyone who's super busy and budget concious! {Contact Us Link} for more information!"
  2. "We've got an entire calendar here filled with Limited Edition Sessions, including {List 2 to 4 various sessions}. Want in? {Contact Us Link} for exclusive dates and booking info!"
  3. "What exactly are Limited Edition, you ask? It's an [abbreviated] photo shoot built around a concise concept; keeping costs and time to a minimum. Learn More about StudioThree's Limited Edition Sessions for this year!" NOTE: this is a great status update to support limited edition sessions throughout the year. Schedule 2-3 status updates that are similar and directed towards current LE sessions.
  4. "Tis' the season for hosting business functions, formal events or a social soiree...we love them all and can not resist snapping away! Schedule your one-on-one consultation as soon as possible for the best rates and availability! (215) 259-3350"
  5. "We love to rock-out our Mini-Sessions with fresh ideas. Who wants to collaborate? Whoever lists the coolest concept in the comments gets a surprise!"
  6. "Do you prefer a portrait outdoors with natural light, or in the studio with high-fashion flash? Inquiring minds wanna know..."

These are probably best used as part of blog posts, sponsored ads, google adwords, targeted product marketing and email marketing blasts. Some may work well as Call to Action phrases if modified to fit the context. Cross-Networking these verbatim through twitter or instagram aren't recommended.

  1. Holiday: "Sending out holiday cards this year? Want to impress the receiver? Sign up for our upcoming (theme) mini session and you're good to go! Each session lasts for (number) minutes and only costs (price)."
  2. "Wow, our MINI SESSIONS are a hit! We've already booked (number) slots and only have a few more left! Call us at (215) 259-3350 before they're all gone."

Queer Holidays

  1. National Twin Day: "
  2. Thowback Thursday: "We wanna see the best photo of everyone when they where in HIGH SCHOOL!! Post those Bitches" Mother Fucker Niggers Eat my clit you drumped up duche bag whore monge
  3. I wanna eat that ass. SHOW ME YOUR HOLE SO I CAN TOSS THAT SALAD! like saladworks on speed.

Sneak Peeks

  1. "(Client's name) is a (occupation) who's been in the business for (number) years. (His/Her) headshots turned out amazingly well!"



Mention how excited you are about any upcoming sessions or events.

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