CQA Newsletter Fall 2020/edition 1

In this edition:


  • Election Coverage -Gabriela Herrera
  • LGBTQ Overview -Reshita Ruhi

CQA/Together while apart

  • My experience with Hybrid vs. Micro -Dana Garcia
  • How CQA gave back my confidence -Isbah Younus
  • Among Us: Students and Teachers Connect -Ashley Tweneboa
  • Meet the new Student Government! SGA Discusses the Election-SGA Students
  • Peer tutoring takes on a new look in a digital world-Mr. McDonough

Student Fiction/Suspense Series

  • Mysterious Evil -Jaylenee Marin
  • Rayside: Chapter 1-Youssef Gamaldin

Student Reviews/Combating Boredom Pandemic Style

  • Dream Team -Choetso Jinpa
  • My Hero Acadamia: 2 Heroes -Chernor Barrie
  • Guide to Netflix -Michelle Otempong


2020 Election Coverage (Nov. 3-7th)

By Gabriela Herrera



November 3rd Election night! This is a very sensitive, and exciting topic for a lot of people. Everyone has different opinions, and point of views-this is something we must respect. Keep in mind everyone has a different opinion, and reasons for their opinion, this means you are not allowed to judge it. If you went to vote in public, I hope you wore your masks because we want to be safe and stop COVID-19 from spreading. Keep in mind there is still a worldwide pandemic going on. In addition, voting is key, every voice counts if you are old enough. I hope you voted because your vote can make a difference. Today is election night, whether you vote red or blue, today is a very exciting night, today a president gets elected. Will it be, Trump 4 more years or will Biden be our 46th president?


It’s election night. The first candidate to get to 270 points is our president for the next 4 years. So far, Trump is in the lead with more than half of Biden’s points . As we are watching, I see the news people also have opinions, some are voting red and others are voting blue either way they respect each other and this is something a lot of people need to learn and grow up about.

Update Biden, has more points then Trump does it’s been and on and off game it’s pretty tight so far. It's been like this for hours. My prediction, I think, Trump will go on four more years, due to the fact that there are many Trump supporters, I see more Trump supporters than Biden supporters . However, always expect the unexpected. This is 2020 anything can happen.

Nov 4th The points were off and on until, it took a turn Biden was in the lead by a lot more they were both close to winning but, Biden had more than 10 electoral votes. TRUMP - 214 & BIDEN - 248. It stayed like that for hours and hours I was checking every 5 minutes to see if anything had changed. It took a long time because America made sure ALL VOTES were counted. Which in my opinion, is great, every vote shall be counted. Moving on, it’s been said that most Trump supporters vote in person; those votes get counted first but, most Biden supporters vote in mail.

I think Trump will be in the lead but, then will be hit by a great down fall with the mail ballots.


Update, most states are red, however the states with the most points are blue. Nevada is taking it’s very sweet time. But, it’s important so all votes are counted. In fact, there have been many memes made throughout the world not only, in the US a lot of people in many countries have been sticking around to see who wins because everyone wants to know who will be in charge of the United States. We are all sticking around and want to know who will win but, it’s very hard to tell!

On SATURDAY, November 7th in the early morning BIDEN hit MORE than 270 points with the help of NEVADA and PENNSYLVANIA which was expected to be a republican state. This really shocked me, I gasped when I saw Biden had taken the lead. I was shocked, I had low expectations and I thought Trump would win again. Some people were happy, others in disbelief and others disappointed and denied it. It was a very exciting night for Biden supporters! His and Harris’ speech excited many. Trump supporters on the other hand, were not excited. Biden was proud so was vice president Harris. It is pretty awesome that she is the first woman to take that place, democrat or not this is a great achievement for women!

Harris' speech was well said and very motivated. She said she was the first woman to take that place but not THE LAST.


It was brought to the attention of people Trump was calm he was notified he had lost while playing golf. He denied his loss saying that he did not lose. He states the victory of Biden was a fraud. So, of course he took legal action, and the supreme court started after Biden was elected. Many say that, he can’t take in the fact he lost and wants to “prove” that he won by far. Others say, he won by a lot and that there is proof. The only things we can do is wait and see what really happened. To be honest, I don’t think it was a fraud, I think many Gen Z's who were allowed to vote this year voted for Biden because, I saw MANY things like Gen Z’s for Biden and well I think that motivated many people.


As Biden celebrates his victory, Trump takes legal action

As of now, Biden is our 46th president. If Trump proves he did win as he says then we will see what happens afterwards. It’s not over yet for Trump supporters but, for Biden supporters it is he the president! There is a lot of tension there, and all we can do is stay with the news and wait. This sure was a long and juicy election! It amazed many and it will for sure be history ! This is my cover for the very, exciting election days of 2020!


You may be asking yourself, “What is the LGBTQ+ community.” LGBTQ+ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and the “+” is other sexual orientations such as pansexual, asexual, aromantic, omnisexual, etc. This community has an interesting history you may want to start reading about!


This community has been discriminated against for a long time and still is just for loving who they want. We call these people, “homophobes, transphobes, biphobics,” and way more. There is completely NOTHING wrong with being part of the community. The people who do support are called allies, and we’re grateful to have them support.

This can date back from 100s of years ago. People were getting executed for loving who they love. People are still struggling with this problem. Only some states make it illegal to harm gay people, which is a problem. The U.S. is supposed to be a state where you can be free. Where you can be safe, but over the years, it just did not end up like that. Even our own current president in 2020 is not doing ANYTHING about it.

LGBTQ+ Facts:

  • 42% of LGBT people report living in an unsafe environment.
  • 80% of gay and lesbian teenagers experience extreme social isolation.
  • Six out of ten LGBT students report feeling uncomfortable at school because of their sexual orientation.
  • In 2013, 92% of adults who are LGBT said that they feel that society has embraced them more than in the last 10 years.
  • Young people who are LGBT and who are "out" to their immediate families experience feeling better than those who are not.
  • While non-LGBT students struggle most with school courses, tests, and jobs, their LGBT peers say that the greatest challenge they face is the unacceptability of families.
  • As of July 2014, gay marriage legal in 19 states and the District of Columbia.
  • The "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" ban, which restricted lesbians, gays, and bisexuals in the military from serving openly, was repealed in 2011.
  • In July 2009, the Senate passed the Matthew Shepard Act, which forbids hate crimes on the grounds of sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • The Job Non-Discrimination Act enacted by the Congress in 2007 is an act banning discrimination of sexual orientation at the workplace, in particular during hire.

Message For The Community:

Just know, you are valid. You are loved. You are accepted. Show your true colors, and be proud of being who you are. Don’t ever let someone’s words let you down. Words can hurt, but you can prove them wrong. You are very important. Thank you for reading this!

CQA/Together While Apart

Micro vs. Hybrid school: Which is better?

By Dana Garcia

Since the pandemic started, we had to go in quarantine and we had to stay at home. That is when micro school comes in. Learning at home has been difficult for many people around the world, especially for the scholars who don't have any electronics and can’t buy one. After that quarantine, we had a choice of doing hybrid or micro school. Basically, hybrid school is when you go to the school some days and other days you stay at home. On the other hand, micro school is when you just stay at home and either have a radio next to you and listen to the lesson (if you don’t have enough money to buy an electronic device) or you would have to go on your device you use and go to a google meet or zoom.

Hybrid school: Productive but dangerous

While Hybrid school is more productive than micro school, it is also kind of dangerous. So hybrid school is mainly about well, going to school but you have to do a lot to be prepared to go to the building. A few items you would have to bring with you would be :

  • a mask
  • your computer
  • an extra backpack (but not the orange one since you leave that one at school)
  • a shield
  • your own hand sanitizer

Something else about hybrid school would be that you would have a shield around your desk and you have to go at the time you are assigned and the correct door. For example, imagine you are in 606 A (not a real class) and you have to take the back stairwell and the time you would have to be there was at 7:35, you would have to go to that exact location and they would take your temperature to make sure you aren’t sick.

Better for parents and social interactions

So now, I can explain why hybrid school can be good , even though the list above makes it seem like a lot of extra work. One reason that hybrid is positive is because if a parent works, then the kid can just stay in school.

Another reason why hybrid is preferable is because it helps some scholars to actually be in the building rather than on a computer.


Of course, the main reason why hybrid school doesn’t really benefit either is because you could get sick. Being exposed to many people makes a risk of getting sick, and some kids may not listen and follow social distancing while standing outside talking and then they would get sick. So these examples actually show that it mostly the scholars are the ones that might cause the problems in hybrid, if they do not follow the rules to stay safe.

Micro School, explained

Micro school is very important right now. If you are curious about micro school and how we have classes and how we communicate, I will give more information about that topic if you don’t understand.


  • The way we have classes right now is that if you are in micro, then you would’ve already gotten a computer from CQA so then you would have to sign in and log in to the meets everyday unless the teacher is absent.
  • The way we communicate in class is by just pressing the mute button and we still use the hand signals in class but if you ever do need help then you would have to send the teacher a message on google chat, you would email the teacher, or you could stay in class to tell the teacher your question.


  • You can not turn off your camera unless you ask or unless you are having camera problems.
  • You have to notify your teachers in micro school that you aren’t going to some classes or you will be absent because you feel sick or you are going somewhere important.
  • Also, this would be the last rule I tell you about and this rule would be to notify the school if you have technical problems like you not being able to unmute, turn your camera on, not being able to join a meet or even not being able to turn on the computer.
  • You would have to tell OPS about any tech issues because you could get marked as absent if you ignore the problem because the teachers won’t know you are having technical problems unless you tell them yourself or your guardian tells the teacher.

Safe and comfy at home, but too much screen time

Micro school actually prevents you from getting sick because you are at home. Another reason is because you get to be at the comfort of your own home even though you still have to wear a uniform.

Now, the problem with micro school is that anyone could just search up the answer on google or they could be playing a game while in class. Also, you may get headaches because you are on the screen for so long.

You decide

Anyways, we saw that micro and hybrid school both have benefits! Do you like micro or hybrid school better? It just depends if you go to hybrid and micro school and if you like it or not. Also, since the virus is around, I believe that micro is safer but hybrid has its benefits

How CQA gave back my confidence

By Isbah Younus

The "Q" in CQA

CQA what does it really mean? CQA means Quality Of Character. CQA does not only focus on your grades, they focus on you. They want to see the amazing characteristics a student has. Why do they focus on this? CQA wants to see the type of person you are. This is important because if someone does not see you for who you are, you would not be the most awesome student you could be. Even if you are really good at everything and know all things like up to high school level, CQA still stands out as your best option for to choose as a school.

How does CQA improve you?

CQA has a goal that for students do well. That is their main goal and that is really important and should be really appreciated. If your school does not have the goal of its students being strong people, good at all subjects, and prepared for high school and college, then how will you be perfect? That is also how CQA is amazing. CQA cares for you, wants you to be successful matter no matter how smart you are.

Story time (My CQA experience)

I was first in a different school. My parents always wanted me to have an amazing school and in 5th grade I thought I was in an awesome school. When I finished 5th grade/elementary school, I wanted to stick with my best friends and wanted us to go to the same middle school. Sure we'd have different classes, but the same middle school. So, I wanted to be in the same school as them, but my parents did not accept that idea. They made me go to CQA, signed me up, and here I am.

I used to be so sad and kind of mad because of this change because I could not be with my people who were with me for such a long time, but that changed. Just at my first day of school/first day at CQA, I made such an impact on this school that it seems like it is where I belong. I did not want to come to CQA also because I thought they are hard on students and I had a fear that I am dumb. Right on the first day at CQA/First day of school, I felt important and smart. Just by seeing all the nice and kind teachers and all their hard work and effort for us students to become awesome and have a bright future, made me fell more confident. In fact, I feel like I am have changed now and hate that feeling that I felt saying “I am dumb”. I also hate that I did not want to come to this school.

Now after just under a year at CQA, I got nominated by teachers to a program named “BTNY (BreakThrough New York)” and it made me scream with excitement In just under a year I made it into an awesome program for me to get ready early for college and high school! This is all thanks to all my teachers at CQA for making me feel confident and lose all my negative thoughts.

“In order for you to have your heart, you have to fix the mindset”

...And that is what I did. This is all thanks to the teachers that have taught me lessons and taught me more. It would have not been done without the help from CQA.

CQA always pushes you to do better

CQA helps you with anything you need help with. It improves your grades. If you get good grades still, they will push you to get even better grades. That is what makes the CQA teachers awesome. They prepare you for the state test in amazing ways. They have “1 on 1” classes/sections, to talk to you in private and help you with whatever you need help with and kind of test you. If you need improvement, they help you right away. If you are good, they push you to do better.

Teacher Shout Outs

Teachers at CQA are very helpful. My 6th grade math teacher is Mrs. Wolf. Mrs. Wolf is really kind and helps a lot. If you have a problem in math or with math, she is the right person who can help you with whatever you need help with! She has awesome ideas for math to be fun such as edpuzzle and websites that make math way more exciting! Mrs. Wolf works really hard for us students to be great mathematicians. She focuses on your standards and how you work! She wants you to be a great mathematician and solve problems in a snap!

Mr. Giardina is my IDS teacher (Interdisciplinary Studies-A fancy word for a lot of any subjects). He is very kind and amazing. He mostly helps with math. So, it's like all of the subjects mushed together which makes it so fun! He has “1 on 1” classes as well which are super helpful because some students struggle. He makes everything fun and helps students in the best possible ways he can. Whenever we had classes even in micro because micro has been really tough for some kids, he makes class so much fun we forgets all of our sad thoughts! It is like a solution to your sadness! He also helps so much with anything you need help with! That is what makes him an amazing IDS teacher.

Mr. Calhoun is my Enrichment and Ela teacher! He is very fun to do enrichment with! He gets amazing fun activities that help us get rid of all stress! It is like another world that is full of relaxation. His awesome Enrichment strategies help so much! At ELA, he makes class fun with cool slide shows and we use lots of websites that are super fun! He helps a lot and develops smart strategies for ELA!

The Hss (history) teacher is Mr. Solomon. He helps a lot with showing how people have lived back in ancient times. He also plays fun games and made social studies seem so much more interesting! Mr. Solomon also helped us with learning lots of names and played fun songs that are related to the topic we focus on and makes it stick to our mind which helps!

My science teacher was Ms. Johnson. She helped a lot with teaching us different places of Ecosystems and variables and so much more! She works really hard on making the slides and putting them together for us to be super great scientists! She works hard and gets us prepared for all the quizzes!

My other teacher I had was, Mrs. Geeng. She does SEL (social emotional learning) She really helped me feel more confident about myself. She has helped me to think good thoughts and never to think negative thoughts. Her amazing strategies of fixing our mindset, making good relationships, being kind has helped me a lot. She is also has a solution whenever you feel bad or anything, she is the perfect person to talk to along with Mrs. Rosario. Mrs. Rosario is just like Mrs. Geeng. Both of them help in so many awesome ways.

These are just a few of the teachers I have had. There are still so many more! Even if I did not have them, I still know they are amazing! Ms. Martell, Mrs. Castillo, Mr. Liebeck, and Mrs. Arias are all amazing school helpers/leaders. They all help and I love the way each and every teacher has a special thing for the students and want us to be happy and have great futures.

How does it feel to be at CQA?

For my experience, I feel really special to be a student at CQA. The reason I feel this way is because a lot of teachers at CQA want us students to do better and that is super special because I want myself to get into a good high school and college and the teachers here have proven that we are really good at lots of standards and have proven that too.

I feel really special too because just by looking overall at how CQA is, I can just identify that they want their students to be special and their future to be special too. I appreciate all the work and effort teachers put just for us students to have good schools in our future. That is why I feel so special at CQA.

Now that you have seen what my experience was at CQA, why don't you go ahead and give it a try. Even though we are all distanced, it still feels like we are so close. It is such an honor to be a student at this school.

Among Us: Students and Teachers Connect

By Ashley Tweneboa

What are you doing in your free time? Drawing? Reading? Gardening? Well eventually you’re going to get bored of it, but here’s something you’ll most likely never get bored of: Among Us, If you’re reading this you’re probably bored. If you’re bored have you ever considered playing a teamwork game with your friends or maybe even teachers?

Here's what you need:

  • Up to 10 people you can play with
  • Memorize a 6 letter code
  • You are ready for betrayal by fellow classmates and teachers
  • Have time for a bunch of 10 second tasks

Crewmates vs. imposters

What is "Among Us" exactly, you may ask? Among Us a game where there are crewmates and imposters. If you are a crewmate, you must work with others to figure out who the imposter is, meanwhile finishing your tasks to keep the ship going!

But as an imposter you must eliminate all crewmates while pretending to be one yourself. If you’re wondering “Well why should I get the game though?” here are some reasons you should get it:

  • It’s one of not too many games you can play with friends!
  • As imposter you have an advantage of venting, sabotaging, and destruction!
  • Even If you get voted off you’ll get able to see who the imposter is and if your suspicions were right!
Imposters have feelings, too
Still not convinced? Well tell that to the tons of youtubers playing and streaming it

Come and play among us at lunch with Mr. Solomon

Some students playing against teachers during lunch last Thursday

But do you want something bigger, more fun, something more...human like? Then look no further then playing among us in real life. The rules are the same as the game, but play it in real life with tons of your friends or family, or even teachers (Mr. Solomon)!

Happenings around CQA

Meet the new Student Council!!!

The CQA Student Council discusses the election

How do you feel about the election?

I have some mixed feeling about the election. I think both candidates have potential but they use it in some things in particular. But in my opinion I think that I can say that I am neutral of how I feel of the election. -Karen Lopez

I feel fine about the election. The reason is because Donald Trump has broken families apart and he has not really been helping lots of countries that needed help from him. Nor did Donald Trump care about the Virus. He did not care that we wear masks or not but now he does. Even though now he cares about wearing masks, he still is not taking his job and is not even trying to help fix this. Nor is he checking anyone's distance. He is not checking anything. That is not taking your role as a president seriously. So, I think Joe Biden would do a bit better than Donald Trump as Joe Biden has said in his interviews. -Isbah Younus

I fell kind of good and kind of bad about the election. I feel like this because I heard that Trump will have riots because he lost. I also kind of feel happy because Biden won and I feel like everyone could be free again and everyone could be treated equally when he is president. I also feel bad because I heard that Biden is having a war kind of thing with Iraq I think and I feel really bad for the people that might get hurt and a lot of places are having trouble like this. I just feel really really bad especially for the children who are innocent and did nothing wrong. This is how I feel about the election and what the presidents said. Thank you for reading. -Fatma Hammad

The way I feel about this years election is good because I believe Joe Biden will handle this Virus known as COVID-19 more seriously than how Donald Trump handled it. -Lukas Lopez

With no disrespect, I feel good about this year's election. No offense to the Trump supporters, I am happy that Biden won the election with no sabotages and hijinks. I feel this way because Trump caged in many children and sent back many parents and adults to their home lands just because they are immigrants. He separated families and I am counting on Biden to fix that. - Mia Argudo

Well I don't really know that much about the election's that have been having this year. But when I just say the word election I feel anxious and nervous because whoever wins the election this year is the person we will depend on for 4 years or more. -Kendra Lopez 

I feel happy and stressed. Happy because Joe Biden won and stressed because many people are going to get sick of covid because of the amount of people celebrating with out masks -Alexander Pacio

What are you hoping for in the future from a president?

I am hoping for the future president to have some qualities in particular like first to care about people's right and think about what the people need. Another great quality I hope the future president has is making good decisions in what to convert money into. Like donating to schools or shelters in need. -Karen Lopez

I am hoping the president can help fix this virus and take good care of our state. I hope he can stop danger, he can get an equality to our Black Lives matter because all skin colors matter. No one should be judged by their skin. I also hope he can get families back together. I hope he does well. -Isbah Younus

I am hoping for the president to treat people equally and respect any type of people. I also want the future president to make everyone happy and give the poor and homeless money or shelter so they can survive. These are only some of the stuff I am hoping the future president could do. Thank you for reading. -Fatma Hammad

For what I am hoping for a future president is for them to lead the country with great determination, with no racism and to always remember that even though people are different, that does not mean that they are not great American Citizens. - Mia Argudo

To get poor immigrant families a better place such as a home, food. -Alexander Pacio

Peer Tutoring is overseen by Mr. McDonough, the 5th grade math teacher

Student Fiction/Suspense Series

Mysterious Evil

奇怪 悪の

By Jaylenee Marin

Power was always required for some idiotc reason. People didn’t understand that the world didn’t need a ruler, yet that we ruled over ourselves. No one caused us to do what we do, we just do it. “Investigator loja! You’re needed in room 205!”Ah, yes thank you Lessly”. Even since he was a child he always had this certain drive to figure out the meaning behind life itself. The meaning behind why people commit crimes, why people are so cruel.

He got up from his chair and headed towards room 205, he knew a new case had risen. This time he could only wonder what it would be about. Last time it was a case about a famous singer dying, they almost ruled it as a suicide but my team interphered. We found out that the manager had killed him for some selfish reason! We arrested the man and it seemed like he had no regrets. Whenever we went to go after a case I would always jot down notes to insure the next time I analyzed the case I would take it from a different perspective.

“Investigator Loja! We’ve been persistent to meet you! We’ve heard a lot of good things about you!” I wondered what they needed, whenever someone greeted me like this is because they needed a favor. “Hello there, what would you like to discuss?” The man then motioned to close the door, he then stared intently at Loja’s eyes. The tension was noted, and the man continued his sentence. “Recently in one of my counties we had a-” He made a motion with his hand and I understood what he meant. It must’ve been bad if he mentioned it like that. But he doubted it but at the same time he countered himself, what if it was that bad? ”I’ll give you the files so you can understand better. Some things just can’t be expressed with words.”


I now understood why he didn’t want to express this case with words. If I had to explain it in short, a neighborhood grandmother had died and there were a lot of questions to be asked. Why had the grandmother died all of a sudden? Why were there visible signs of struggle? Why did her will seem forged? The answers were very obvious but the suspect was clearly after something. Why would they stage a crime scene for some will?

To be continued...

Rayside High

By Youssef Gamaldin

Chapter 1

I used to love my hometown, and to be honest there were so many things to love about It. Of course that was on the outside. I never knew Rayside was a town full of psychopaths and murders. My name is Midnight and yes that is my real name-well not fully my name. I'm Drake Midnight Rakon but nobody calls me Drake. Everyone just calls me Midnight. Let’s just say my family is very creative with names but enough about that. I go to a high school called Rayside High.

I’m a kid who comes from a very rich family but we all still have a good relationship. We’re a family of four: my dad, mom, and sister. I have always had a good life but life for me is boring when I watch any TV show or anime. It feels that they are having so much fun and enjoying life but I don’t see anything exciting or magical in life. Well that was what I thought but I found out that it’s all fun and games until people go crazy and blood is spilled.

Trust me magic sounds good but If you ever go through what I did to go through you will understand the excitement and the terrifying parts of the adventure. However, I am glad I had the best years of my life in high school.

To be continued...

Arts/Managing Boredom: Pandemic Style

Ever heard of something called the “Dream Team”?

By Choetso Jinpa

If you have not heard of the Dream Team, and you enjoy playing minecraft, then I suggest these youtubers because they're very funny and they play a lot of mine craft! There are three members but there's another called bbh aka bad boy halo (but he's unofficial).

The characters

Now let me introduce their names: Dream,George,and Sapnap! They’re all very kind and they do streams on twitch. If you can't watch the streams on twitch you can always watch them on youtube.

Dream is mysterious, unknown and masked and he has never shown his face...he's VERY tall.


George is very short and he is colorblind and has trouble with playing minecraft (since he cant see colors).


Sapnap is very loud and he yells A LOT and when he yells it's funny.


Bbh aka Bad Boy Halo is a sweet, kind, and nice person. He loves his dog Rat (aka Darrly but he calls him rat for short). He is a positive role model because he hates cursing. The worst thing he says is muffin head (aka idiot). He always says “LANGUAGE!” when someone curses.

BBH aka Bad Boy Halo

You should definitely check them out and maybe sub to them!

Movie Review: My Hero Acadamia-Two Heroes

By Chernor Berrie

The movie My Hero Academia: Two Heroes is so amazing and loved because of its attributes and characters. For example in the movie the main character Deku worked with Allmight to defeat the villain by working together and using their superpowers. Not only is the story is filled with thrilling adventures and exciting trips, there are amazing superheroes and powers. I recommend that you watch the movie and trust you will like it.

Do it for the things you like such as funny faces like the one under here

And for baby yoda.

What's new and exciting on Netflix

By Michelle Otempo

Do you love shows or drama? Netflix is the perfect place for you to go. Netflix has your favorite shows and movies for you to watch. It even has a 30 day free trial! Now, I'm no expert or anything but I know that Netflix is the number one place for you to find your favorite shows and movies. It depends on what you like but I'm sure there are lot of shows in your interest.

Here are some tips on finding a good Netflix show/movie:

  1. Since it depends on what you like go to the search bar and type all of your interests. Surely you will find something that suits you my friend
  2. Check what is trending on Netflix. Have you ever stopped to wonder why a show trending so much? That is because many people either like it or hate it and as for the judge you are the one who can decide if the show is good or not!
  3. Ask yourself this: Would I actually like this show?
  4. NEVER judge a book by its cover. Even the most ugly covers have the most beautiful stories.
  5. And one last thing to notice: Accept the changes. A character usually isn't all that they seem………………..

Some Recommendations:

A young boy possesses superpowers that he and his mom cannot handle...
Created By
Jessica Magnusson