Quadside Lands The Paly Voice

Junior Ellie Walsh strums the ukulele while singing with fellow junior Amalia Larios during lunch on Tuesday, kicking off Quadside Lands' performances. Photo: Allie Feitzinger

Student band Garage Mahal demonstrates its musical prowess. Its members are veterans of the Paly musical festival scene, having performed in Quadglobe early this year. "It [performing] is a lot of fun and really different than just playing with your friends," senior Lucas Washburn said. "I was kind of nervous the first time I did it last year, but I’ve gotten used to it." Photo: Allie Feitzinger

Members of Oscar's Band Tribute Band make their way to the front of the Student Center in preparation for their performance. The group's namesake, Oscar's Band, performed in Paly's previous music festivals, though its members have since graduated. Photo: Allie Feitzinger

Rising energy prompts a small group of students to form a mosh-pit in front of Oscar's Band Tribute Band. According to Senior Lucas Washburn, the band was intent on energizing the crowd and worked for two weeks on an entertaining set. "We just picked songs ... with a lot of energy and that people would recognize," Lucas Washburn said. Photo: Allie Feitzinger

Alex Washburn showcases his percussion skills as he bangs on a dilapidated set of children's drums with his fellow bandmates. Photo: Allie Feitzinger

Students fill up the Quad during the Wednesday performances of Quadside Lands. Photo: Ryan Wisowaty

Sophomore Chloe Dinnigan strums her ukulele, warming up Thursday's crowd with a song. Photo: Margaret Li

Members of the local choir iSing harmonize, showcasing their talent in a set with violin accompaniment. Photo: Margaret Li

Sophomore Pierce Barrientos closes out the vocal performances on Thursday with a solo. Photo: Margaret Li

Paly's K-Pop club dances on the Paly Quad, the first of two performances by the group. Photo: Margaret Li

Masses of students gather on the Paly Quad on Friday for the festival's final day, enjoying enthusiastic student performances in the sunshine. Photo: Margaret Li

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