The Florida Museum of Natural History By MIchael larratt

Nature and Ethics

The natural history museum did allow me the opportunity to experience nature in the way Leopold recommends. The butterfly garden allowed me to be one with nature and to admire all it had to offer. As I walked through the museum, I felt very relaxed and sensed a feeling of calmness and serenity. I thought about many of the organisms on display and I felt a deep sense of curiosity about the way they lived. The main way the museum allows visitors to connect with nature is with its butterfly garden, which is filled with many species of butterflies and plants. In addition to the butterfly garden, there are many models of ecosystems, fossils, and a frog exhibit that all allow the visitors to connect with nature. The experience of going to the museum instilled in me the ethical responsibility to love nature and to coexist with it.

Nature on display

The most enjoyable exhibit at the museum fro me was the frog exhibit. The design of the exhibit was appealing because it separated all the different species of frogs, making each section of the exhibit seem new and interesting, therefore constantly keeping the visitors attention. i learned about the deep variety within species that i thought were somewhat simple like frogs and butterflies. the most enjoyable part of going to the museum was learning about all of the variety in nature. Whether it be through the examination of the butterflies or the frogs.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The natural history museum helps us step out our normal lives because of the places it takes us with each exhibit. As one walks through the museum you'll be taken to different time periods, when you pass through the Native American and the fossil exhibit. One will be taken to different areas of the world as they examine uncommon species such as the frogs or the butterflies. All of these exhibits change our normal setting and work to help is step out of our ordinary lives. The museum helps us better understand who we are because it shows us all the variety in the world that we can often overlook in our own lives.

All photos were taken by Michael Larratt


Michael Larratt took all photos

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