Ready to Move! Your move is scheduled for next week

So What Happens?

Your move is scheduled for next week. Please check the attached matrix to find your move time and date.

Your computers and contents should arrive within 1 hour of your move in time.

Please be packed an hour before your scheduled move out time

Facilites will move your computer, contents and mailbox.

Crates Dropped Off the Friday Before your Move - if you don't receive them or need additional boxes call facilites dispatch at extension 66325

Packing the average office requires 4-8 hours. Please DO NOT move yourself a head of time - Leave it to Facilites.

Moving Labels are provided, be sure and tag your crates, equipment and property ( special ergonomic items tables/chairs/keyboard trays/monitor arms) These will move with you to your new location.

All file cabinets need to be packed; a different file cabinet will be at your new location. There are different files for you at your new locations - We do not move full files!

Use this move opportunity to recycle, discard or give away items you really don't use anymore!
Please leave all furniture keys in the locks, if your have office keys, please tape them to the back door. If you require keys for your new office, both door and furniture , please submit a seperate request to Security
Take Your Laptop Home with You... and label your monitors, monitor arms, etc.

Please Leave your Phone on Your Desk

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