Olympus By Owen and matthew

Our city is based off of the Greek gods. Zeus is the head guy, and he has his wise counsel. Poseidon is head of fishing and whatever happens in the sea, Artemis in charge of hunting, Ares is the head general in case anything happens, Hades in charge of the dead and the ceremonies, Athena is in charge of education, Apollo is in charge of entertainment, Demeter is in charge of crops, Hephaestus is in charge of technology, Hermes delivers the rewards to the people who deserve them, Hera is in charge of the ‘fake parents’(the parents who are unfit to take proper care of children, so they send the fakents), Aphrodite , Dionysus is in charge of all the wine or any alcoholic drink.


Zeus and the Olympian council make the rules- we are an oligarchy

Our laws are enforced by police men who are run by ares

10 rules:

-major crimes are punishable by death,or starvation and torture

-minor crimes are punishable by public humiliation or lecture

-drivers must the age of 20 to get their licence

-be a good and productive citizen

-drinking is permitted at the age of 16

-Same sex marriage are permitted and have the same rights as everyone else

-the right to divorce as long as you both get equal time with your kids

-the right to suicide, but you should consult your family firs

-Chariot racing is for people 11 and older


They learn about the history and how Olympus was formed. About the jobs available for them and how to get them. They learn how some jobs have more honor than others, and the skill set for each job. They learn about all the curriculum subjects, but they have the option to stop taking them at the age of 13, and pick their own subjects.

There are two types of schools, elementary and advanced school. Elementary school is from 2 to 13-year-olds, advanced school is for 14 year olds until the watchers decide you are ready for your job.

We choose our curriculum based on what we like. We also have shorter school days (4 hours)

Education will serve the community by teaching kids on how to do their job right.


For parents who are unfit to take care of the their children, the watchers will decide whether they are unfit, they send the fakents, parents who can sure the parents all the proper qualities of Olympus.

All family's live in the same dwelllings to make bonds and and have a understanding of family life.

They can have a maximum of 2 children, but if they show that they are responsible enough to care for more than 2 children, then they can request for more. The reason for this is because if they are an unfit parent and they have multiple children, they might ruin the children's future and we can't have that happen.

Families can carry on their last names, as legacies for their children,

Divorces can happen, and each parent may have equal time with their children, but they will be taken care of by the fakents.


Everybody has the same kind of home, but added rooms can be arranged for families with kids, or a spouse. They have the traditional Ancient Greek houses, with multiple bed rooms, an altar in the center of their home, with a pool, and a fireplace.


Watchers- the people who observe and evaluate how hard you work at your job, the people picked for this job are people who are found observant during their schooling. The observers are picked by the original observer (Zeus). People are trained for this job by learning to pick out differences in patterns.

Doctors- people who tend to your physical and mental Injuries, they are chosen by showing how they want to care and take care of people. The people picked for this job are smart, hard workers who never give up. They are trained by diagnostic practicing.

Teachers- people who educate you in the path of life you want to take, people who want to teach the youth, the people are picked for this job based on their patience and helping skills. They are trained by having situations to defuse in the classroom.

The Wise Council- the people who advise zeus on how to make his decisions. These people are picked for their honesty and fairness. They are trained by persuading and debating with each other.

Entertainers-the people who entertain you, (musicians, Dancers, athletes etc), chosen by Apollo and his adviser based on thier musical talent and personality. They are trained by public speaking and practicing their musical instrument.


There is no Money, the amount of items or gifts and quality are based how hard you work in the community. The people who look to see who's working hard are called the Watchers, hand picked from the Olympian council. All the ‘gods’ make sure everyone receives the bare essentials, like food, water, clothes


They travel by houses, and chariots. And they have wagons that the horses pull. But for the people who work the hardest, they are rewarded, with a Pegasus (those were genetic grafted by a geneticist).


There is no snow, and rain does not come down, due to scientists putting a certain chemical in the clouds to make it never rain. But there is a lake and a river that flows through the community, so there is no need for rain. Rain causes floods, and it creates puddles and mud, which causes the roads to be very difficult to walk or use.

They do have animals, like horses, Pegasus, cats, dogs, and lizards.


You get 2 days worth of recreation each week.

Let's say that a doctor takes chariot racing every Saturday, for people 11 and older. They must wear knee pads, elbow pads, and helmets.

For fun they swim in their pools and in the lake, they play games with each other (like the ones that we play, on playgrounds and in parks), they can go see plays or movies, concerts, or anything involving entertainment.

It isn't very different than the Things we do for fun now. One of the only difference is they have Ancient Greek sports.


They live a simple life, but the heads (gods, wise council, and the watchers) they know about the technology and use it.



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