Alaska Bears Created by Dirk Catteeuw

The Alaska Bear Adventure started a few years ago. Initially i wanted to shoot bears in Canada, but during a search on the internet, i got connected with a photographer who organized a trip like that and it seemed to be save. With only a number of five photographers in a group (3 Belgians included myself and colleague and photographyfriend Sven), a guide and a cook, we were ready for the trip in september 2016. After a few flights we departed from King Salmon and took a water plane to a mysterious place near Brooks River National Park, Alaska, searching for our hairy friends.

This is the way how most of the pictures were made, with a tripod, the 400 mm on it, in the water with chest waders and a backpack with the other material and spare stuff. It was amazing to see the bears fishing for salmon at the end of the season and allowed us in their environment.

Please enjoy a look at a few pics taken during the trip. If you click on them they will enlarge.


Copyright by Dirk Catteeuw, all images are personally taken

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