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Digital Photography for Educators

Final Reflections

To be honest, I was hoping to pick up some new mad Photoshop techniques and projects in this course. I was a bit disappointed at first. I'd worked with Lightroom Classic and did love the organization it brought, as well as its power for batch adjustments. My disappointment was short-lived, however. I now look forward to making more use of Lightroom in my classroom—particularly with mobile devices.

Some unexpected academic conflicts put me way behind in this course, so I was forced to play catch-up with the recorded sessions. I watched them all and can assure the instructors that I found the recorded sessions almost as valuable. I did find myself trying to type some questions into the chat occasionally, however. Seeing other students' take on projects continues to be a highlight for me. I'm hoping the archived classes are available for a long time, since they are worth revisiting.

I've liked making photographs since I was quite young. Deciding if something was "film-worthy" back in the day really stifled creativity. Digital cameras—partiularly smartphones—and editing tools like Lightroom and Photoshop have created a new golden age of photography. I'm excited to be a part of it, and even more excited to share what I've learned with my students.

Thanks again!

Week 5 - Light Drawing

It took a fair amount of playing with the triangle of exposure to find some settings that yielded some good results. I used my DSLR and settled on ISO 100, f8, at 4 sec. We took a few minutes from my AP Calculus class. They didn't seem upset at all :-) ...and they had a good time. I may have recruited one or two more for photography class next semester.

The students used the flashlights on their phones which were quite bright. I liked the effect on the desks, so included them in the shots. Not much variety, but the learning was in the tweaking of the settings to get a good result. I chose the 'CLHS' photo since they really nailed the letters...that 'S' is near perfect.

Thanks for a fun...and educational project!

Week 4 - Landscapes

Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, California, USA

I took these photos a number of years ago at Yosemite National Park. Without a doubt, this is the most beautiful place I have ever visited. None of these photos was taken in "prime time" for landscape photography—most are late morning to mid-afternoon—yet they give a hint of the beauty of this amazing place.

I had decided to use some of my Yosemite photos even before I watched this week's lecture which spotlighted some amazing Yosemite images. Ansel Adams, Clearing Winter Storm, is one of my all-time favorite photographs.

I felt a bit "hand-cuffed' using Lightroom to edit these photos. Since the time of day was not optimal, I wanted to bring out some of the detail in clouds or rock features. Lightroom isn't as well suited to this as Photoshop.

I chose the image from Glacier Point as my favorite. Lightroom did an excellent job making this photo pop. The original was a bit overexposed, but in just a minute or two, Lightroom really brought out the beauty of this place.

To me, Yosemite is all about waterfalls and massive rock walls. It's kind of a can't miss place for photographers. The photos are just a small part of landscape photography experiencing the wonders of the landscape is the true reward...and the photos bring us back again and again.

Week 3 - Still Life Images

Black Bear, Guantanamo White-Tailed Deer, Domestic Cat

This collection of still life photos was made from some objects around my classroom and home. The chosen photo is a collection of skulls from a display case. I placed them on top of a black lab table and tried a number of angles and settings on my DSLR. The chosen image was produced using the built in flash. Some adjustments in Lightroom helped bring out some interesting details. I was pleased with the result.

These photos were taken on and around the U.S. holiday of Halloween. The deerstalker hat and pipe were freebies at a local establishment having a Sherlock Holmes themed evening. The shells were collected by me from the waters off San Diego, California while scuba diving. The overabundance of tape was sitting in the science lab from an astronomy project. The arrangement of balls is from a bin of physics supplies. I enjoyed arranging and shooting the objects. I took well over fifty photos to get a few that I liked.

I'm becoming more comfortable with the features of Lightroom. It certainly allows for quicker edits than Photoshop, but healing and cloning are much more cumbersome in Lightroom. But I'm now convinced that LR will get the majority of the work with PS taking on the heavy duty edits.

Week 2 - Portraits

I took these photos some time ago with my DSLR after my son had his sitting with a professional photographer. His photos turned out great. I took advantage of the opportunity to get some shots in myself. It was a sunny day, but later in the afternoon, so the light was not particularly harsh.

I used a fill flash on the photo above and think it is fairly well exposed. I used a variety of techniques experimenting with Lightroom. It certainly is the way to go for quick touch-ups after a photoshoot.

I whitened his teeth a bit and added some brightness to his eyes. Adjusting skin tones to a natural tone was a bit challenging.

Week 1 - Hidden Faces

That compost bin is watching me!

I enjoyed this assignment. It was an exercise in looking carefully at already familiar surroundings. Once I started looking...it was amazing how many faces I was seeing.

It was difficult to choose one image, but I settled on the compost bin above with some input from my daughter. She liked the big eyes. The bin has a variety of surfaces, colors, and textures which give it an an nice look. The dent at the bottom gives a bit of a quizzical expression.

This was my first experience working with Lightroom CC. I found myself wanting some of the features of Photoshop, but I was impressed at how quickly I could make adjustments to make the images pop. I also liked that I could access images on my iPad, phone, and desktop. I think I made a new friend!

Check out my other hidden faces images below.


Photography is mine. Very appropriate for a course on digital photography :-) .

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