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My family takes a summer vacation every year, usually consisting of long road trips and RV camping. In 2014 we traveled through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. We hiked and went fishing, but our true destination was the Mesa Verde National Park.
The Mesa Verde National Park is extremely unique because it has hundreds of cave dwellings constructed by the Ancestral Puebloans who lived in this area hundreds of years ago. The structures are very intricate and it was amazing to have the opportunity to explore the dwellings and see how these ancient peoples lived.
The next summer, my family went northeast, traveling in an RV up to Niagara Falls, then around the other Great Lakes through Canada. It was interesting to me, because I had not realized the true size and power of these bodies of water. I learned that in Lake Superior boats had capsized due to storms, just as if they were in the ocean.
We also had the opportunity to be in Canada on Canada Day, which we had not done on purpose, but it was fun to celebrate a holiday that American's normally do not. We had Canadian Bacon burgers and watched parades and a firework show.
In September of 2015 my little sister and I had the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C. with our school district. It was a trip for middle school students, but the teacher that lead the trip was one of my favorite high school teacher's and a close friend so we were able to accompany the middle schoolers.
I loved everything about Washington D.C. I enjoy history and getting to go to the Smithsonian institutions and see the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was an amazing experience. We also went to tons of monuments and explored all over the city.
This past winter break, I traveled to northern California to visit my favorite cousins. They're twins close to my age and they live about two hours north of San Fransisco in a small town called Redwood Valley. I flew into San Fransisco and we spent a day exploring, then drove to their home. They live an hour from the coast, so one day we drove down, through the Redwood forests to enjoy the beach and the cliffs that bordered the Pacific.
Surprisingly, while I was in California, it snowed for the first time in almost 7 years. It came down in huge flakes that melted as soon as they hit the ground. However, my cousins thought that it might have stuck at the top of a big hill in the area known as Cow Mountain. So we drove up to Cow Mountain and sure enough there were a good few inches of snow covering all the trees and plants that made for some beautiful scenery, as well as some good cookie-pan sledding.
Over this past Spring break I traveled to Orlando and Melbourne Florida with my family. My sister had a competitive cheerleading competition in Orlando at ESPN's Wild World of Sports in Disney World. Through this we received 4-day park hopper passes and were able to go to all of the parks in Disney, including Animal Kingdom, shown in the photo above.
After she was finished competing (her team actually won 1st place), we rented a car and drove to Melbourne Beach and stayed there a few days, enjoying the beach and the warmer weather.

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