Under the Surface By: Anya Ocampos

She has strong morals, shouts the figurine of Jesus

next to the cross on the shelf; a hard worker too,

explains the tears on the court shoes

beside the athletic bag placed on the floor.

Her family guides her through

the impediments of life,

informs the list of family rules hung

proudly on the wall next to the front door.

The rare flavor of ice cream tucked away

inside the freezer mumbles she is unique,

but is not bold enough

to present it to society.

She masks her true self, confesses the make up

jumbled inside the trunk as she rushes

towards the feeling of satisfaction. Her

confidence completely lost under the veil.

An old and rotting treehouse hidden behind the

tree limbs cries a lively childhood came and gone

quickly, too quickly, for she cannot

remember the better days.

She locks her troubles up to drain her happiness,

weeps the pink cage in the back patio

rusting after years of dissembling them.

She is not who she seems under the surface.


Created with images by Unsplash - "evergreen tree spruce forest"

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