Architecture By: jonathan

This is the career that I chose to do this project.

Architecture is a career that i would like to do ever since i was around 8 years old the reason why i was inspired to do so was because I always loved to play legos then one day my cousin and i built a mansion out of it then wounder if i could build that in real life.

The ways to become an architect

  • You'll need to graduate high school.
  • when graduate you'll need to go to collage to get a bachelors degree
  • Then you'll need to go to another five years of schooling.
  • Then after schooling then there is the 3 year internship.
  • After internship you have to go get an architect license.

The pay is even pretty great as well, and even the annual. $39.45 is the hourly while the annual is $74,600.

But not only that even though the requirements for being an architects only takes a short amount of time its more of an competition just become one since most companies are picky about their interns.

Even though its a bit of a challenge to be an architect I still find fond of the career.


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