How to become nearsighted you were borne with perfect eyesight - what happened?

In Asia, especially, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan children become nearsighted much earlier and with much higher degree than elsewhere. For example about 25% of 7 year olds in Singapore are nearsighted. In the Western World the percentage is about 3%.

By the time these children reach high school almost 89% are nearsighted.

Why is that, how do so many become nearsighted?

The eyesight of children is influenced by the environment. The growth of the eyeball is not controlled by genetics but by what the child sees. Therefore, children growing up in a natural environment will develop superior eyesight which will be up to eight times what we can see. The eyes adapt to the environment in which they find themselves.

Extended near work with glasses. is the fastest way to become near sighted.

So what's the typical visual environment of a child in Hong Kong, Siingapore to Taiwan?

Chinese children are supposed to start learning to write Chinese around the age of five. Young children, including Chinese ones, are slightly far sighted until about eight year. So if they are required to study and practice writing at a very early age where their visual system is not fully developed their eyes become near sighted because their eyes adapt to the environment.

Reading or writing too close damage eyesight.

Also, today there are far to many things that are near and colorful. I often see mothers with young children. When the baby begin to cry out comes the iPhone and the baby is happy. This is not good for the baby. Children need to develop their distance vision first. This is how nature intended eyesight to develop.

Spend as much time looking at the distance as you do reading.

When the eyes are over worked the symptom is blurry vision. Imagine a Chinese child trying to fill a sheet with 100 boxes and put a Chinese character in the center of the box.

Near work is stressful for a child's eyes.

In Asia it is common that just about anyone will become nearsighted. Therefore it is no big deal to put glasses on small children.Glasses makes the nearsight worse

Do not read any closer than 35 cm.

First of all children do not need glasses for reading unless the prescription is more than -3.00 diopters or clear vision out to 33 cm. However, if the child read and do schoolwork with glasses less than -3.00 diopters the glasses will make the eyesight worse.

The reason for this is that vision is set for distance. Looking out the window require no accommodation or focusing. When you shift from far to near your eyes will need to accommodate or change focus of -3.00 diopters. So if the child wear -2.00 diopters then the eyes will need to accommodate -3.00 + -2.00 = -5.00 diopters. If the child do this for hours, days, weeks and months the eyes will slowly adapt to become more like -5.00 diopters.

Vision continues to deteriorate at a rate of -1.00 diopter a year.

Apart from the additional stress we also know that the glasses themselves makes the near sight worse. Diverse animal studies shows beyon a shadow of doubt that glasses makes the vision worse.

Is there a natural alternative?

Indeed there is, Magic eyes vision training workshops for children Are the way to go.

A young boy having his eyes checked for astigmatism.

It's based on what works. You and your child will learn how you can together do exercises that will restore the child's natural eyesight.

Here is what parents wrote:

"Quite an eye-opener. Amazing results within such a short span of time. Useful to motivate Janelle and convince her that it can be done. Janelle liked the alphabet exercise the best of all. I liked the information provided and the eye chart exercise. I would recommend the workshop to anyone.. Useful knowledge for the whole family." J.Chang.

"I like the hands-on sessions and that Leo comes around to help each child with the exercises. I recommend Magic Eyes, it really is money well spent." C. Boh.

The next Magic eyes workshops are:

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