ENODI highlights the lives of first-generation and immigrant people of African, Carribean and Latin descent who identify as Black.

We also feature the stories and realities of all first-generation and immigrant people globally.

We explore how being born, and/or raised in a country different than your parents were raised have affected your identity, crafted your view of the world and has impacted the life you have chosen to live.

We also work to expand the conversation about who immigrants and their children are beyond issues of documentation. We chronicle cultural influence, entrepreneurial success and the historical contributions of these groups.

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ENODI was created by Michael Rain, a Ghanaian-American based in New York City. He's a digital storyteller and speaker. Michael's TED Talk "What it's like to be the child of immigrants" has over 1 million views.


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For all inquires about ENODI, send your messages to enodi@mjrain.com.


Created with images by Nicola Fioravanti - "untitled image" • Suad Kamardeen - "untitled image" • Hermes Rivera - "untitled image" • Arun Sharma - "I’ve always had really messy hairs." • TRΛVELER . - "Javed Bhai" • Ashwin Vaswani - "untitled image" • Maatla Seetelo - "untitled image" • Bart LaRue - "untitled image" • Mitchell Griest - "Clear Eyes, Clear Mind" • Rec Fury - "instagram : #recfury"

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