Uganda Trip 2019 A new Dawn

Apostolic Ministry is purposed to see the Kingdom and will of God flourish in the hearts of those whom over God has given one influence. The Kingdom of God is not subject to the laws, cultures, worldviews, economies that govern this world. The Kingdom of God establishes an allegiance in the heart of a individual, then expands through finding solidarity in resonating hearts who are also subject to the King, our Lord and Father. These relationships are the entrypoints, gateways and portholes through which He distributes His grace, goodness, love and healing to the World. Our battle in many ways is to keep these channels of distribution open, and unrestricted endeavouring to preserve the bond of peace and love.

These relationships and divine connections determined our schedule and opportunities for ministry to demonstrate His Kingdom has come. Through our longstanding relationship with Ap Richard Ssende, we asked him to be our liaison for this trip. We have a standing invitation from Bishop Samuel Lwandasa to the Love Peace & Unity Pastors Destiny forum annual Retreat, training pastors in Doctrine, Church Administration, Farming enterprise, Marriage & families. We are also committed to support our Harvester Churches in Uganda.

Peace & Unity Pastors Destiny forum annual Retreat

God led me to speak at the Pastor's retreat on the mistakes the White Christian Church has made in Africa since Bartolomeo Diaz planted a cross on the southern tip of Africa.

1. Instead of crucifying self we felt intitled to be respected and served.

2. Instead of serving the people we felt superior, pride.

3. Instead of empowering people, we became people’s source.

4. Instead of building a new culture of mutuality in Christ by being our brother’s keeper we chose to protect ourselves through segregation, apartheid.

5. Instead of discovering Christ existing in part in the indigenous people, we forced them to worship our version of Christ exchanging one religion for another.

According to some of the key-leaders no such message was ever heard in Uganda, where white preachers acknowledged their mistakes. Something happened in the spirit, and a sense of brotherhood of man in Christ was felt, in a very tangible way. Since the conference the Pastor’s Forum asked me to serve on the executive advisory board in the portfolio of Pastors Training. Ap Tobias shared on Business Enterprise and Ugandan culture. He made a strong plea to reform the church to reform the land, by asking pastors to train their people in ethical business, communication skills, consistency, and willingness to acknowledge mistakes openly, owning up. They no longer children in business, they need to mature in character, delivery, and responsibility. Dr Brian inspired the conference with fiery enthusiasm to demonstrate God’s Kingdom not just speak it. Pray for the sick, drive our demons, save the lost, and get people baptised in water and the Spirit. I asked permission to teach on the baptism of the Holy Spirit as this is a unity forum, and diverse churches are represented. After I received confirmation I taught exhaustively on the subject and Dr Brian and I collaborated in praying for people. A powerful outpouring of the Spirit was experienced by all!!

Love Peace & Unity Pastor's Destiny Training Retreat - Mukono

Harvester Kisoga

Dr Brain ministered for two nights at Pastor Steven and Ap Eveline Wabwire’s church in Kisoga. Wonderful healings took place, as people surrendered their lives to Jesus. Dr Brian then continued to also conduct 3 Healing Crusade meetings at Bishop Samuel Lwandasa Church, Mt Lebanon in Mukono. I was led to spend personal time with our Pastor’s and their wives. Counsel was given, and God resolved difficult matters in a moment. Thank God for His Holy Spirit working through broken vessels. The Wabwire’s are busy building a 3 story Christian Guest House at a very beautiful spot, isolated with beautiful views, yet close to major routes. God gave us wisdom to rearrange some plans and expectations to fast-track completion. We also spend some time counselling our Leaders in Kaliro, Speke & Sarah Turyamureeba. Pastors do not have it easy, they struggle financially, and have to keep their families intact, and happy, while shepherding more than one church. Yet we are sensing a resolve and courage as the Lord is releasing a grace towards holiness and devotion.


Namakwaland Farms accepted two students from the Makerere University Agricultural Department for a two months exchange internship program. The faculty thus invited us to come and speak at the university. Tobias shared frankly and honestly his views and experiences as an Ugandan and South African Commercial farmer on the challenges, and opportunities that exist in Agriculture in Africa. We then had lunch together with faculty heads of department, and was offered a partnership MOU with the university.

1. Analysis of the horticultural value chain,

2. Sensitization and organization of stakeholders into an innovation platform,

3. Set up of a secretariat for the innovation platform,

4. Set up of an incubation centre for nurturing innovations in horticulture,

5. Identification of training, research and development needs for the horticultural sector,

6. Development of a research and innovation agenda for the horticultural sector,

7. Development of curricula for short courses for the horticultural sector, and

8. Improvement of horticulture training and research facilities at Makerere University Agricultural Research Institute, Kabanyolo.

Most Forgotten Village - Busia

We then took the long route to visit one of the most remote villages in Uganda, called the forgotten people – Busia, near the border of Kenya. We met Pastor Johnson and Janette a lovely couple living in humble mud-house covered with straw. They are so courageous, and strong. We ministered to them that they are not forgotten. The greatest poverty known to man is not knowing God, not knowing the riches you have within you, not being part of a loving family, not experiencing unity with a greater community and not valuing the natural resources God has already provided. According to this understanding, they are not poor. Maybe they are economically poor, but from God’s perspective they are rich. They live in the most beautiful part of nature in Uganda, that I have ever seen. The land is fertile, next to Lake Victoria, with abundant but intermitted rain-fall. The people who have never visited, are the ones missing out, I told them! We held several meetings, and a pastors and leaders conference, addressing restricted mind-sets, and limiting cultural practises. We are very excited about how this small community is going to stand up from the ruins in the next 2 years. We were able to link them up with a Ugandan Pastor and agricultural expert, they have already arranged meetings to continue on the foundations we have laid.

So eager and hungry to learn!

New Church Plant - Birinzi Village

Finally, we arrived on the Namakwaland Farm, Birinzi, Masaka. We have endeavoured since we started to build the farm to build good relationship with the local people. This proofed to be invaluable to the success of the farm in many ways as the farm is welcomed, and the locals even have defended us a couple of times, when a corrupt Government official was trying to defraud us. Note, Birinzi is one of the poorest communities in Uganda and mainly Muslim. Pastor John Mugisha is now our Ugandan Partner and director of the company, but has been instrumental in building strong relationships with community members, and also heading the MBC Bible School, as well as the Pastor of Masaka Family Church. The planting of Birinzi Church, was to me a sign of how a combine harvester of harvesters worked together to establish God’s Kingdom in a very dark area.

A new dawn for Harvester Reformational Church Olifantsriviervallei UGANDA

A new dawn has come to Birinzi farm & village. Apart from this being predominantly a Moslem area, there have been recorded 4 instances of child-sacrifice for witchcraft in the last 5years. The Catholic Shrine close to the farm has done little to bring peace and prosperity to the people living here. Poverty, drunkenness, domestic violence reveals the desperate cry of the people for supernatural redemption. Last night by the grace and love of Jesus Christ our Lord, we were able to plant a new church in Birinzi. Many accepted His invitation to become His followers. Many were healed and set free, one deaf person exclaimed “I can hear you speak english!” God used the combine ‘Harvester’ efforts of Tobias to build a commercial farm in the jungle, Netaneel and now Erik laying down their lives to manage the daily business, Ap John Mugisha for serving and building relationships, 18 MBC students who prayed and prepared everything for Crusade , Dr Brian Adams’ willingness to guide and activate us. 9 FCE members’ obedience to come do the follow-up in the community for 3 weeks and a humble apostle-servant to declare “this is that”! May God’s Kingdom come and will be done here in Birinzi, as He is empowering us to make this desperate place ‘His delight’!

Meeting a 1st Prince Geoffrey Wayabire

We were also able to meet Geoffrey Wayabire, 1st prince of one of the traditional Kings of Uganda. King Bishop John Chrisostom Wayabire from Bugwere Kingdom in Eastern Uganda. He is eager to come to MBC in Capetown for fulltime training next year, and be trained to train others. We discuss certain doctrinal perspectives, now entertained in Uganda not bearing fruit of righteousness and holiness like the unbalanced ‘grace’ teaching. I was also introduced for the second time to Prof Simeon Kayiwa. PHD(s) D. LU Director/Chancellor of KAYIWA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY in Uganda. We spoke about the possibility to compile a Foundational Course Training Manual, that will be endorsed by the Government and Born Again alliances in Uganda. Secondly we need to train teachers that will travel to every church to conduct teaching material.

A huge Kingdom expansion opportunity

The state Minister of Ethics and Integrity Father Simon Lokodo made headlines around the country when he proposed a policy he claimed seeks to enforce transparency and monetary accountability in religious and faith-based institutions. The policy is necessary, Lokodo said then, adding that “it’s as a result of an outcry of the people.” Now, for the policy document to be reviewed, Father Simon Lokodo said he embarked a nation-wide consultative meeting to engage Pastors and relevant state holders – and also seek counsel from a consultant from Rwanda who helped President Paul Kagama formulate a policy which led to the closure of over 600 Churches in the country last year. (News Article 24 Sept 2019) God already used apostle John Mugisha as this latest meeting where President Musiveni met leaders of Love Peace and Unity of Mokuno District. Ap. John Mugisha called the delegation’s attention that if such policy and law be implemented all faith-based organisations like the Muslims and others should also be included.

Masaka Family Church

Masaka Family Church, Ordination.

We ended our ministry by conducting a 3rd Pastors Training Day. We were able to teach on discerning between presumptuous and real faith, and the pathways of growth for new believers. We ordained Pastor John as an apostle. His gift and ministry work was recognised by Harvester Apostolic Council recently in Capetown attended by apostles Andre Pelser, Aje Pelser and myself, with Prophets Nola and Chantál. John has been used by the grace of God to bring unity among churches in Masaka, bring some doctrinal correction, and planting two churches. We also ordained Ester Kikabe, the wife of Moses who is the Project Leader of Childcare Denmark in Masaka. She also has been recognised by the church, as a qualified and accurate teacher of the Word. We felt the focus shifted during the latter part of our trip, to empowerment and enablement. We stepped a bit back, and released the students to participate in the activation of the gifts of the Spirit.

Namakwaland Birinzi Farm

A nine members team from FCE arrived the second day of our Church planting effort, right on time to continue with follow-up and relationship building in the village. Dirk and Lize Grobbelaar longtime friends from Citrusdal are the team leaders, and we could reconnect and continue to build our relationship in respect of the socio-economic-spiritual development of the village and area. Erik Nel our new Farm Manager is having his fire-baptism in finding himself in an African context. But it is as if he has been made for this mission. He is adapting well. He already knows the key-locations for repairs, food, supplies, church etc. He is creative in finding solutions to a broken generator, and many more daily challenges. Annemarie will be joining him the end of October.

Tobias Basson - Birinzi Farm

Thank You for partnering with us!

Thank you to the church for sending me. Thank you for everyone who prayed and endured with us in the Spirit. Thank you for every financial contribution to support us and enable us. Thank you for the Leadership who took care of the churches, and ministry while I was away. We report in some of the visible things that was accomplished, but the real work of the Spirit is in the unseen realm. Heaven knows what seed was sown in hearts, what growth He inspired, what transformation He has worked. We are humbled for how God is not ashamed of working with us, in power and glory! May His kingdom come and will be done, as people continue to flourish in the light of His glory!

I particularly, want to thank Dr Brian Adams, for his selfless giving: spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. He himself needs support, but came alongside us and strengthened us through word, and deed. We decided to become a Centurion Partner of Brian Adams Ministries, you may also want to join. More than anything we rejoice for every person who surrendered their lives to Jesus, Christ. We saw many saved, healed and set free! https://www.facebook.com/drbrian.adams1

Not that I’m looking for handouts, but I do want you to experience the blessing that issues from generosity. And now I have it all—and keep getting more! The gifts you sent with Epaphroditus were more than enough, like a sweet-smelling sacrifice roasting on the altar, filling the air with fragrance, pleasing God no end. You can be sure that God will take care of everything you need, his generosity exceeding even yours in the glory that pours from Jesus. Our God and Father abounds in glory that just pours out into eternity. Yes. (Eugene H. Peterson, The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language, (Colorado Springs, CO: NavPress, 2005), Php 4:17–20.)

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