A special Lady Happy birthday

Happiest birthday wishes to a very special lady. Her name is Elenor Pepe Ah Mann and she has been an anchor in the Ben Ah Mann Estates since 2007 and is still there! We wish her many blessings on her birthday!

She had gone from a size 16 to a size 22 i think - but I think she still has the mind of a size 18 person too. She knows I dont care about sizes anyhows lol

Shes not going to like what I had just said ..... ummmm...

....on to other special things about her.... huh!

She continuously puts a smile on peoples faces and can easily attract peoples attention due to her energetic witts about her and the nature that she has with people in being able to blend in on a variety of groups. Although, she can often be easily persuaded by others due to the care and deep thinking that she puts into others concerns. This nature about her will always be known as the 'Pisupo' effect.

Almost flawlessly, she places all her attention on anything that she places her mind to - but is always easily distracted by my actions hahaha lol

Her beauty in cultures of our country is shown by what she does on a daily basis and by the spoken words that she uses everyday. She is constantly having to correct my Samoan linguistics due to my limited knowledge and background of our country Samoa.

Elenor Pepe Ah Mann

Happy Birthday Elenor P Ah Mann

Happy Birthday Tolutama'ipato Aitelepisupo

Created By
Benjy Dah Mann


All photos taken from Various locations all captured by Members of the Ah Mann Estate.

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