Camille Judson Maker Pathway Blog

March 1, 2017- This week I started my first maker pathway. I finished my brainstorm sketches as well as my final sketch. I decided to make a cake for my 3-D model. I'm about to start working on the computer to make the cake.

March 9, 2017- I finished designing my 3D model. Now all I have to do is put the design in a different software. Once I finish I'll start working on my next pathway!

March 15, 2017- I convert d my design into software that would work with the 3D printer we have. At first I made a mistake by not adding the blocks on top of each other which Tomorrow I plan on printing. Now I'm thinking about designs for my next pathway.

March 31st- I completely finished my project this week. I was able to print it. The people who sit next to me in class had a fun time breaking the sheet that was on the bottom on the design. Unfortunately there were some gaps in the cake and I'm not sure what caused it. All I have to do to finish this Pathway is write the reflection paper.


Created with images by Sean MacEntee - "Flower"

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