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We navigate the digital landscape creatively and strategically, shaping your ideas and bringing them to life. But as the landscape moves and changes, so do we. We have our finger on the pulse and stay ahead of the current. If you are skeptical about social media and unsure of where to start - leave it to us. At Booje Media, we design your narrative in the digital space. From the top to the bottom - and everything in between.

From the discovery phase, strategy compilation, website development and visual planning, down to campaign executions and analytics reporting, we help you achieve the results you want. Your story is an expertly crafted structure, built on a foundation of passion (you) and supported by a capable framework (us). We believe that authenticity resonates and powerful content is transformative. We are the detail-oriented, creative sidekick that you have been searching for.


This digital marketing proposal outlines the different marketing services that Booje Media’s offers, and how we work together to ensure a successful launch for ‘Project Lucy’.

Based on our initial conversation, the main objective for Booje Media would be to create and implement a strategy that would build brand awareness for Project Lucy and work on captivating an audience to provide both supply and demand that the product will require.


- Create a Tailored Digital Marketing Strategy

- Establish a Strong Social Media Presence

- Create Compelling and Branded Content

- Create an Online Buzz

- Reach your Target Audience


Before we dive into anything, we like to ensure the foundation is properly set. The first step to creating a wicked online presence is creating the digital marketing strategy. This includes:

Content Strategy

Define Project Lucy's brand story & voice. This voice will remain consistent amongst all online platforms.

In the content strategy we recommend the best types of content that will engage with the right target audience, and that will stand out from all the other social media feeds. We will outline themes and different types of content to be tested in the first few months.

Visual Strategy

We will create a unique aesthetic for all of Project Lucy's social media channels that is consistent with all other aspects of the brand. Here we create a visual brand guideline that includes photography requirements, filters, colours and typography.

Communication Strategy

Determine which channels will best reach your desired audience. Booje will conduct competitor and relevant industry audits to be familiar with what content is being shared in the space, and what channels and content resonates with your target audience. We will also provide recommendation on message frequency and best practices.

Advertising Strategy

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