Chemistree! Kenzie Robertson

Lori Stroud's eighth grade science classes made ornaments that had atom facts for the tree that they put in the hallway.

Eighth grader Gracie Brown cuts out the template for her atom ornament.

Maddison Warren, Nadia Garcia and Owen Tuell socialize while they're working.

Eighth grader Nadia Garcia writes information on her template about the atom she was given.

The students enjoyed being able to be creative and learn at the same time. Stroud has done this project for the past couple of years and it has turned out wonderful each year!

Top: Eighth grader Landon Brown works on the information for his ornament. Bottom left: Eighth grader Quinten Albertson works in the hallway and gathered information. Bottom right: The students gathered at a table to get the templates for their ornaments.
8th grader Nadia Garcia put her ornament on the chemistree.

When the students got their ornaments done they were able to put them on the tree.

Luke Oldham hung up his ornament with pride.

Ruby Chesnut stands and smiles with her ornament.

Nadia Garcia stands proud with her ornament.

Nadia Garcia sets up her ornament.

Maddison Warren smiles as she holds up her ornament.

Gracie Brown was the first one done in 3rd period.

The chemistree is currently up in the junior high hallway by Mrs. Stroud's door.

I encourage you to go and see this tree because the students and Mrs. Stroud put a lot of effort and time into it and it looks magnificent.