Tattoos on the Heart By: Ian FUelberth

Chapter 2: Dis-Grace

Dis-Grace is a collection of stories teaching us about how Jesus comes to us revealed as us to teach us a lesson. It is about how God will love us no matter what, and will never give up on us. He shows us reality and how to improve. My favorite story from this chapter was the story about Speedy. Speedy was a daredevil who would mess with his enemies just for the fun of it, needless to say some people hated him. One night when he was running away from one of his "missions", a lady who was active in the church who didn't know him changed his life. Despite not knowing him very well, she told him that if something happened to him, she would be heartbroken. She sees the work Speedy puts in at the church and towards raising his nephew. Speedy then stops his hazardous behaviours and marries his childhood sweetheart and raises a family away from the projects. I liked this story not only because it is about a fast runner, but because I can relate to him. (Obvioiusly not about the fast part). I've been reckless in life, and at some point someone intervenes, and I realize what I have done wrong. And so, my life is made the better because of it.

Chapter 5: Slow Work

Slow Work is about the things in life that can take time. We are reminded that God is patient with our mistakes, and so should we be with our mistakes. My favorite story from this chapter was without a doubt the story about Grumpy. When Father Greg went to Camp Munz he met Grumpy. Grumpy was well, grumpy, along with stubborn and many other things. Father G gave him the chance to get his body tattoos removed, but Grumpy roughly declined. In a quote to good to leave out G writes, "... 'Well,' I say, 'I don't even know you - but I KNOW why you got all these tattoos.' 'Yeah,' louder still, he says, 'Then why'd I get 'em?' 'Well, simple,' I say, as quiet as he is loud, ' One day when you weren't looking, your head... got stuck... up your butt. That's right, dog, you straight-out keistered your cabeza. So,' and I force my card into his hand, 'you call me the minute you locate your head'"(Boyle, 112). And not too long after, G did receive a call from Grumpy, and Grumpy found his head from underneath all of those tattoos. Even this situation applies to me, and probably to everyone. At some point we have all done something we knew we would regret, and we worked hard and it may have taken a while, but we got back on track.

Chapter 7: Gladness

In Chapter 7, Father Greg reminds us that true joy comes from God. He reminds us how important being glad and joyful is. My favorite story from this chapter is Spider's story. Spider was a homie who was abandoned by his parents growing up. His sisters and him had to trick everyone into thinking there was an adult at home. Eventually through Homeboy Industries, Spider finds himself a job in a hospital. A really cool change from an injurer to a healer. In a car ride with Father Greg, Spider reveals his current life with G. Spider goes home to eat, except not really. First he watches his kids eat. He only eats when he is sure his kids are full. And this makes him happy, even when there is no food left. In fact this story makes me happy. This story amazes me, it shows us a kid who grew up without parents who does stuff for his kids that most parents wouldn't even think of. I hope that one day I remember this story, and let my kids take precedence before me, especially for basic needs.

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