Journey Log Reflection

Justin Wilcher - Skankhunt42

Journey Log Reflection

Habits of Mind being used: Beginning, Exploring, Diverging, Planning and Replanning

The Habits of Mind have been a useful guide to writing my journey logs. it was a way to apply my learning in class to real life skills. I've seen myself grow as a writer in many ways like I've never before over the last semester. After reading through my journey logs I see the ways my writing has improved and how the tone of my voice has improved as well. I embraced Minecraft from the start and enjoyed the experience of Creation. Most importantly this class has allowed me to explore my Creativity through writing.

To begin this class you told us to forget the old writing techniques of high school and told us to be more Creative. From the Beginning PDF, the story On Unlearning, it talks about how students begin college with the knowledge of a high school writer. They then must come to learn how to expand their writing and like you told us to drop the idea of a five paragraph essay. I've done this well throughout my journey logs as seen in journey log 3.

I've Explored myself through Creativity and Tone in my writing. I found out that using pictures was a great way to add flow to the paper and break up lengthy paragraphs. As seen throughout all of my journey logs, I tried to add at least one picture to every essay. My favorite picture was the polar bear face palm because it added more voice and put a lighthearted mood for the reader.

This leads me into how I Diverged as a writer. In the Diverging PDF, something that stuck with me was when they talked about Robert Frost's famous quote about Divergence. "the poem is actually not about divergence but the failure to diverge." I found my reading to be boring at times and I feel that this is where I could have improved on the most. Doing something different, being more Creative, drawing the readers interest early, just different ways to add excitement to my work for the reader.

The Research essay was a huge step up over anything else we have done in my opinion. As I talked about in journey log 6, Planning and Replanning guided me through the research essay from the starting outline to the final paper.

I completely changed my game plan going into my draft in order to make the essay more research based. I created a new outline and went at it, after finishing I realized that I made my paper to much about the show and less about the concept of a villain. I was persistent and did not give up, I managed to completely change my outline again and majorly revised my draft. These four Habits of Mind will help guide my learning throughout my writing career. The PDFs will be something I can download and refer to when I need help on a paper.

I found myself reflecting in most of my journey logs, going over what I did over the past week and broke down how I went through it all. For some of the weeks where we did not do much in class, my writing worsened in my opinion just because I had less to talk about.

Here, in journey log 7, my writing was very bland since it was the week after spring break. I barely worked on my paper therefore I did not have much to reflect on.

Here, in journey log 2, I started typing and obviously did not stop. I was a warrior and did the majority in one paragraph. Understandable as this was after my first raid, I was excited and had so much to reflect on. The Habit of Mind, Reflecting, was used passively throughout all of my journey logs.

I embraced Minecraft from the start and when I was able to switch from Warrior to builder the class became much less stressful and much more creative. I put a lot of effort into my builds and accomplished my goals in the class. Like I said, Minecraft was a great tool to enhance Creativity and I enjoyed everyones presentations.

Overall, my writing improved noticeably from just a semester ago. My major areas of improvement were Tone and Creativity.. The Habits of Mind was a great resource to guide me through writing techniques. The ones I have taken away from the most are Beginning, Exploring, Diverging, and Planning and Replanning. I also found my writing throughout the year to be very reflective, another Habits of Mind I passively used. This course as a whole really helped me grow as a writer and I have a lot of appreciation for that.

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