Static Electricity and Charge : Conservation of charge By: Felicity Hernandez

Summary : An example of static electricity would be when you rub a a balloon on someones head and it starts to make their hair static. Static is the hair that is kinda up in the air. As if it is reaching for something. The static electricity is causing that. Or the static friction the the balloon has caused. You can feel the static too sometimes. Sometimes you can shock another person because the static electricity. Lets say a person were to rub their socks on some carpet well if they where to poke someone with just their finger it would create this type of shock. Not a big shock but a little one. The sock rubbing on the carpet causes static electricity which causes your body to have that little energy that causes a shock.

  • Vocabulary :
  • 1~Electric charge - when objects are rubbed together one object takes a charge while the other is the opposite .
  • 2~Electrons - orbit its positive nucleus .
  • 3~ Protons - positive charge .
  • 4~Law of conservation of charge - when the total amount of change stays constant.
Basic characteristics of static electricity : 1~effects of static electricity are explained by a physical quantity called electric charge . 2~ There are only 2 types of charge ( - & +) . 3~like charges repel and unlike charges attract . 4~ Force between charges decrease with distance.
  • Important notes :
  • When a piece of amber is rubbed with a piece of silk , the amber gains more electrons giving it a negative charge
  • Atoms contain positive and negative charges , usually in equal amounts.
  • negative electrons orbit a much heavier positive nucleus , as the planets orbit the much heavier sun.
  • The charges of electrons and protons are identical in magnitude but opposite in sign.


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