Alice Walker By: grace hollopeter and Harley Schleman

This book "The Color Purple" by Alice Walker won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and the National Book Award. She was also the first African-American woman to receive these prizes.
When Alice Walker was eight years old when she lost her eye. She lost her eye when she was shot with a BB gun pellet by one of her brothers.
Alice Walker had many challenges in her life including when she was little her family was very very poor, lost her vision in one of her eyes as a kid, was bullied because of her eye, she was a single mom, and she went to a racist high school.
Along with Alice Walker's many challenges she has also had many accomplishments. Some of her accomplishments include being the 1st woman to win many prizes, graduated validictorian of her high school class, won prom queen, became a social worker, teacher, and lecturer, and lastly won the Lillian Susan Award.
This is Alice Walkers life on a timeline.
We chose these stamps because we thought they best described Alice Walkers accomplishments.

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