Geography of Rome by ted

One of the most notable geography features of Rome is the alps mountain range. this mountain range affected Rome in a few ways. The alps affected in positive way by blocking the northern entrance to country. This was helpful because it stopped or hindered and enemy invasion from the northern direction. The alps also had a negative affected on Rome because it was herd to trade with neighbors north of the Mountains because they were hard to cross also the mountains as well as making it hard for people who wanted to enter Rome to get there from the north.
Another main geography feature of Rome is the Tiber river. The Tiber river was good for Rome in the sense that it made it easy for people to travel int Rome via boat it also made Rome a port city without being right by the water. This is good because then Rome is not as vulnerable to an attack from the sea. Finally the river made Rome more a cross roads of sea and roads which makes it a great place for trade and trade can and will make your city rich and powerful which is always a good thing for a cities citizens. there were really no disadvantages of the Tiber river.
The fertile plains of Italy are another geography feature of Rome. These plains were good for Rome because they gave the roman empire a huge capacity to grow food which is essential for a civilizations survival. Without suitable land to grow food your civilization is essentially dysfunctional because there was not a lot of trade back then like there is today. The fertile pains do not have any real major disadvantages.
One of the most responsible geography features of Rome is the Italian peninsula. The Italian peninsula is great for your country because it is located between many civilization like the Greeks and Egyptians making it a great hub for trading and for attacking other civilizations. These things would make it easy for Rome to be a major power in the Mediterranean region. With all these benefits their is one main downfall. being a peninsula makes you a huge target to get attacked by sea in the region outside of that tough being a peninsula is great for trade and conquest.


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