3D Weaving Techniques

After I decided I wanted to experiment with wire, I fashioned a small wire basket. Not the most beautiful thing in the world, but it taught me a lot about working with wire and the importance of having a good plan for making a basket!

I do like the challenge of the materials. I believe if my students practice the techniques and processes with the clay frame weaving and the large group frame weaving, they will be successful weaving with wire. Building the structure was tricky, but not impossible. I first cut 7 pieces of armature wire and bound the ends together with a smaller wire. I shaped the 7 wires into a shape I liked, secured it with a steel wire in the center and started to weave the smaller wire as the weft.

I continued to weave changing colors of wire and including an opening like the slit technique we learned in week 1. I moved the center steel wire as needed. The smaller wire was a little loose where the warp wires opened up, but it managed to keep it's shape okay. I removed the steel wire as I got closer to the end.

The finished weaving is strange but interesting. A middle school aged boy asked me about it as I was working and said that he thought it was cool. That was encouraging for me! I like how I can stand it up. I will still need to refine a finished look for the ends, but I am still thinking about that. I believe this could be a creative challenge for my students.

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