domestic violence By: Daniela Rosas

The issue is that domestic violence is that are people being affected , 20 prople per minute are being domestic right now and 10 million men and woman have been victom of domestic violence and that also includes physical sexual and psychological.As my issue is that im worried for the people that has got hit by there love one as they didit do noting wrong to deserve getting hit But as my mom got hit by my own dad as when i was still was a baby as i didit really know anything.

Domestic violence 50 years ago was the same but as the Doctor call domestic violence “Therpy” and the wife tought i was good for you so that why they stayed with them as they said it help there metal quirk.. as they they made international Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women on Sunday but i don't know the date but it happend during the 16 days of activism against gender violence that was on 1991.

So 50 years from now i say you can't stop domestic violence if even we try top stope it will still happend but maybe there be less people getting harmed let see if the future will change.

Patrick stewart saw here mother get hit by his father when he was a child as helped some people to stop domestic violence.

Things that i can do is that i will report this she or he will get nervous or has scared but they will thanks me later as the domestic will be over.

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