Harlem Renaissance: Cotton Club By anuya Prabhudesai and caitlin Rissmiller

The cotton club was a famous night club, popular with the rich whites of New York City. The cotton club was created by Jack Johnson. However, it was named "Club Deluxe" until a white gangster named Owney Madden took it over and renamed it.

THE COTTON CLUB WAS A PROGRESSIVE PLACE FULL OF FLAPPERS AND NEW GENERATION IDEAS. Unfortunately, those who did not think so continuously tried to shut it down.

This club existed throughout prohibition and was closed many times due to the selling of illegal alcohol. Those who did not believe in the freedom to drink whatever they wanted tried to close it forever. What clash does this show?
Flapper's were often shunned for their dress and way of life. At the cotton club, you could be anyone you want. Many traditionalists shunned the club for this reason. Women had to be a specific height (5'6) and had to have specific features in order to perform. What clash does this show.

However, those modern ideas ended when it came to race.

As you may see, audiences during the racial segregation days of the club were primarily white. Many people, no matter how modern there beliefs were, still believed in race inequality. Although the cotton club had mostly African American employees, only whites were allowed. The club was designed as that of a southern plantation, and the music was "jungle themed".

Many performers were African American and were jazz influenced.

Look at the waiter and the customers, what does this show?

It was a flashy club, the owner was not afraid to create a scene.

This was one song performed at the club regularly. Listen to some of it if you want to.

Thanks to legendary performers Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Ethel Waters and Lena Horne. Jazz and Blues became a huge success all around the country. The era of classical music was over and jazz became widely popular.

Lastly, the club lost its flame with the Harlem riots which were against police brutality. Inevitably, the club was shut down in 1940.

Unfortunately, many performers were looked down upon because of their race such as the two above.

Now that you have finished this presentation look at the artifacts!!


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