Jesse Jackson By: Stephanie Wayne

(S) Jesse Jackson was born in 1941 in South Carolina. Jesse Jackson through out his whole like he has been determined to succeed and understand why some people were treated unfairly. Jesse Jackson moved to the south for college to get away from hostility in the North, but sadly he didn't like the favoritism so he moved back to the North and enrolled in North Carolina Agricultural and Technical College and was elected student body president. When he graduated college he joined the Southern Christian Leadership Conference with Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. as well as Operation Breadbasket and the Rainbow PUSH Coalition(Encyclopedia of World Biography).
(P) Jesse Jackson and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. have known each other for years. The two of them organized Operation Breadbasket, The Rainbow PUSH Coalition, and Jesse Jackson also went to Selma, Alabama to march with Dr. King. The march was so that African-Americans would have the right to vote. Jesse Jackson also observed Dr. Martin Luther King get assassinated( Editors)
(P) In 1966 Jesse Jackson was appointed to Operation Breadbasket by Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. Operation Breadbasket was created to help African-Americans who were being turned down or refused employment by white-owned or white-operated businesses. The Operation helps with African-Americans when they're selling a product(The Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica).
(S) In 1984, a courageous African-American by the name of Jesse Jackson ran for the presidency. Although determined to win, Jesse placed in third in this election. Due to his dedication and will power Jesse Jackson ran again in 1988. In this year he came a little closer to the win by placing 2nd, however his goal was still unreached. Was American more ready for a black president in 1988 than in 1984?
(S) The Rainbow PUSH Coalition(RPC) helped for the right of racial equality and social justice. The coalition merged with the People United to Serve Humanity while Jesse Jackson ran for president in 1984. The Rainbow PUSH Coalition was developed to help make back communities strive because they were not getting their basic needs meet like the white communities. This is an example of how justice turned a blind eye to social justice in minority communities(Jackson).
(Q) This quote was taking from Jesse Jackson's speech on Common Ground and Common Sense. "When people come together, flowers always flourish and the air is rich with the aroma of a new spring....Many people, many cultures, many languages---with one thing in common, the yearning to breath free. Common Ground!... That is the challenge to our party tonight. Left wing. Right wing. Progress will not come through boundless liberalism nor static conversation, but at the critical mass of mutual survival...."(Larry Vandermolen)
(Q) "The black community needs those who will shake trees; who will disturb the comfortable and comfort the disturbed. I am a tree shaker."(Jackson)
Jesse Jackson has continued to spread Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's legacy. In 2000 he was presented with The Presidential Medal of Freedom from Hillary Clinton. Recently Jesse Jackson gave a keynote speech in honor of Martin Luther King Jr's birthday at Cobo. Other than that Jesse Jackson at the age of 75 is slowing down his activity's ( Editors).

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