Life Literacy Map

Every night before bed, my mom would read to me for about 30 minutes or until I fell asleep. This was our time to relax and be silly sometimes, and after my brother was born it was our time without him at the end of the day.
I would often help others in my kindergarten class with reading, since I was efficient and didn't need much help. While helping them, it also helped me because there would be some words I did not know either. We figured out the meaning by asking for help or using context clues.
When my little brother was old enough to get into reading, we would end our days with reading books in bed. We would often fight during the day, but he always wanted to read with me no matter what happened during the day. It made me feel like I was important to him and that he valued our time reading together.
Every week, my mom, brother and I would go to the library and pick out 4 or 5 books to read over the week. I was always determined to finish my books and read them any chance I got, I even chose to read over time watching TV. I would go outside in my tree house and read if it was a nice day and my dad said I needed to be outside playing. Reading was my obsession at this point.
I was obsessed with horses. ANY book about horses, I had read it or it was on my "to read" list. Finding my love for horses made me stop reading the Junie B Jones books, and I started reading books that were informational. When I couldn't get to the library and I had finished my horse books for the week, I would get online and read more information on them and even tried to buy a horse online.
In 3rd grade I got into the Harry Potter books. These were a huge part of my childhood and I even re-read them several times before passing them down to my brother who had the same obsession. I was reading "The Goblet of Fire" and was about halfway through when a student in my moms high school sophomore class was amazed that I could read it because he couldn't and most of the class agreed. I realized then that not everyone read the same way I did.
I would always finish my assignments without goofing off so I could read my book between tasks. This was a time that I was always reading and I felt odd if I didn't have a book in my hands or near me. I would even take my book outside to recess, I was that kid that read instead of playing. This was how important reading was to me.
In Jr. High I no longer had the time to sit down and read like I used to. This is when I stopped reading for fun as much, and only read when I had to for classes or if I had extra time on the weekends. It made me sad, but I started hanging out with friends outside of school and also got an iPhone so I started going to the phone when I was bored instead of a book.
Once I got to high school, the only reading I did was for UIL events or my English class. The books for English were hard to get through but UIL books were a little better to read since I was interested in the topics. We also stopped going to the library as a class and I never had time in other classes to go and take my time choosing a book I would actually want to read.
Now, I don't read anything other than textbooks or books that are assigned to the class to read. I'm so busy that when I have time to relax, I usually lay in bed and nap or just watch TV instead of sitting down and reading a book. Since I am in classes pertaining to my major now, the readings in the textbooks are a little easier because I find them enjoyable, but anything in the core classes was awful and something I dreaded doing.

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