Anorexia Nervosa Nati Ems

Description of Anorexia: Is an eating disorder characterized by an abnormally low body weight, intense fear of gaining weight.
Some Symptoms of Anorexia are having the fear of gaining weight , they have a hard time of maintaining an average healthy weight. They also restrict how much food they eat.
This is an example of an Anorexia person eating size portion.
Longterm symptoms of Anorexia are thinning of bones. Feel tired and do not have as much energy as a healthy person. Also their muscle get weak without proper nutrition. They can get brain damage and some organs start to shut down. It is common in women and some men from ages 15-23.
Showes long term effects that affect the body
The type of people that get Anorexia are who have hard time taking control in their life so they use eating as a controlling tool. It can also be inharited from a family member.
There are a few treatments for Anorexia including getting therapy counseling. Also getting a medical examination over your body to keep you in a healthy shape. Medications can also help lower anxiety level with a help of specialist.
One fact about Anorexia is that 10-15 percent people that have Anorexia will die. Also 4 out of every 10 person will recover from Anorexia. Anorexia patients will weigh and their height will be less than 15 percent of an average healthy person.
Credits: Google search Anorexia treatment.


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