Napoleons three mistakes izaiha payne, Anna Hatch

Napoleons first mistake was the continental system. Nov 1806 he signs a decreed order of the blockade which stops all trade with the European countries. This was suppose to make Europe more sufficient the blockade. It wasn't tight enough smugglers were able to pull through. Brittan got its own blockade the British were able to have a better blockade then the french. The continental system hurt napoleon than his enemies the British had a stronger navy.

the Peninsular Campaign Napoleon sent an army through Spain because they didn't follow the continental system. then napoleon took the Spanish king off the throne and put his brother on instead and caused the towns to riot and protest. the Spanish Catholics feared that the french would undermine the church in spain. then the french attacked the church by outlawing the Spanish. 1808-1813 Spanish peasant fighters(guerrillas) struck at french armies in Spain. napoleon lost 3,00000 soldiers during the war. these losses weakened the french people who first welcomed the french now was turning against the french. it faild because it turned Spain, Germany and Italy and weakens the french empire

the invasion of Russia, 1812 napoleon decided to invade Russia because czar Nicholas refused to stop selling grain to Brittan. In June 1812 napoleon and his army went to Russia Alexander the czar of Russia pulled his troops back because of an unequal battle. As the Russians retreated they burned their fields and killed live stock so the French wouldn't have any food. the battle of borodino is when the two armies finally clashed. the battle went on back and forth until the Russians retreated and France got a small victory by taking over Moscow. Moscow was in flames by the time the French got there. when napoleon entered the city he stayed there with his troops for 5 weeks for a peace offer from the Czar. But, it never came by then it was too late to advance or retreat. napoleon orders his starving army to retreat then snow began to fall and Russian raiders attacked napoleons army. temperatures fell to -30 degrees once they made it out of Russia only 10,000 soldiers were left. he failed because of the things Russia was ahead of them and they killed most of his army and napoleon didn't get any of russia


Created with images by Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "Bacon's map of the vicinity of Richmond, and Peninsular Campaign in Virginia, showing also the interesting localities along the James, Chickahominy and York Rivers"

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