The Giant of Gilfach A Welsh folktale

Deep in the heart of the Rhymney Valley ...
There lived lots of magical fairies. They were happy, joyful and peaceful, they danced and sung all day long. They were so tiny they could shelter under mushrooms when it rained. They loved their valley, until...
A fearsome and lonely giant came to live in the valley. He had a pet snake who hissed and scared the fairies. One of the Giants favourite things to do was gobble up the fairies for dinner.

One day a beautiful and kind fairy Becca was walking in the forest wondering what she could do about it. She became friends with a wise owl and together they formed a plan.

The wise owl had a plan to kill Bedo with a poison arrow.

That night they hid in the bushes waiting for Bedo to come out of his cave. Once he did Becca fired the arrow and it killed Bedo instantly, the fairies were now able to carry on with their lives and live in peace.

Do you think Becca made the right decision to kill the giant?


Created with images by Unsplash - "hills clouds rainy" • Katie@! - "Mystical Magical Red" • crimsonbrush - "lightwm" • AdinaVoicu - "girl fairy forest" • Avia Venefica - "Barred Owl" • jill111 - "purple grapes vineyard napa valley"

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