Christian Faith and drug addiction

As Christ Followers, we find comfort in having spiritual support to recover from alcohol and drug addiction.

But what about the family member who is suffering from addiction and has given up hope? How do we solve this problem after we have prayed so long and nothing seems to be getting better?

That's where we come in. We have the answers to these kind of questions and more. It's time to say yes to help.

People who have tried to get sober before and failed, might give up hope. However, combining a mix of traditional drug rehab and a spiritual approach, can be very successful. For many, this leads to a better chance of full recovery.

The Philosophy Behind Our Work

We are a family owned referral service. Our relationships include programs all across the United States. But, we are more than that because we work with the entire family. We know how to manage the toxic dynamics that are caused by drug and alcohol abuse. Sure, the drug addict needs help, but the loved ones are suffering too. We understand this kind of soul sickness and can offer a variety of suggestions, treatment tools and faith-based programs.

You may a bit hesitant to call. That's natural. To ease your fear, our Clinical Director, Victoria invites you to call her on cell phone to speak privately. 949-307-2880.

Remember. A strong belief is not required. Recovery also works well for people who are questioning how Our Savior is working in their life. It’s very common for people addicted to drugs and alcohol to believe that they are abandoned by the Holy Spirit. They also can feel that they are not worth fixing. When recovery is treated with an “open-mind” to various religious experiences, it helps a person gain confidence.

Other Problems Caused by Addiction include things like Depression:

It is almost guaranteed that a drug addict or alcoholic will come into a treatment center with some kind of mental suffering. After all, abusing drugs reduces your ability to feel happy . The good news; co-occurring conditions are treated as part of the recovery process. Therapists, counselors, and doctors are trained to help with this kind of dual-diagnosis. Modern recovery focuses on preparing an addict for a lifetime of sobriety

We are 800 Recovery Hub. Helping you with addiction is our mission and our vocation.

Take a moment to add our phone number to your contact list. 800-544-5976. Allow us to take a bit of your burden.

Say Yes to freedom from the addiction. We will be your life-line. There's a reason that God puts people in your life. Allow us to help you.
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