Drawing and DESIGN an exploration of Design Found In Nature

The following 3 pieces are done in charcoal and pastels and are an exploration of PODS; I am fascinated by both the design and nature of PODS

Mapping out pods in pencil
Adding charcoal pencil and pastel to create depth of a pod
Creating value with pastels; blending with fingers
Adding background color
Final: "Pods 1", 10"x12", charcoal and pastel on pastel paper
Mapping out Pods for "Pods 2"
Blending with charcoal pencils
Adding background base color
Layering olive green pastel on top of green pastel
Adding hot pink pastel creating texture and color dimension
Adding final pastel layer to create FINAL:: "PODS 2", 10"x12", charcoal pencils, pastels, on pastel paper
Mapping out pods for "Pods 3" using pencil and charcoal
Blending using charcoal pencil
Adding dimension to pods using black charcoal pencil and brown and black pastels
Adding background color using pastels; layering color on top of color and adding white highlights
Final: "PODS 3", 10"x12", charcoal pencil, pastels on pastel paper

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