Learning with Lynda.com at The University of Edinburgh Issue one - January 2018

A warm welcome to issue one

Welcome to issue one of our new Lynda.com newsletter - Learning with Lynda.com at The University of Edinburgh. Our aim is to keep you informed of the latest Lynda.com developments, new courses and videos, staff and student use cases, and anything Lynda.com related which we think you might find useful.

What's covered in this issue?

  • Signing into your Lynda.com account
  • Three new and exciting Lynda.com courses
  • An academic's experience of integrating Lynda.com content into their teaching
  • Our hand-picked course of the month
  • The latest Lynda.com usage statistics at The University of Edinburgh

Signing into your Lynda.com account

As an existing user, getting logged into your Lynda.com account is really easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open a web browser and go to www.lynda.com
  2. Click on Sign In at the top right of the window
  3. Click the Sign in with your organization link at the bottom of the box
  4. Type 'ed.ac.uk' and click Continue
  5. Enter your University EASE credentials (if not already logged into EASE on the same browser)

You should now be logged into Lynda.com and ready to learn.

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New year, new skills

With over 250,000 videos and 6,000 courses, Lynda.com really is a treasure trove of content you can use to enhance your IT, business, creative and digital skills. Let's take a look at three recently added courses.

Leading without Formal Authority

Leadership isn't just a skill for managers. Demonstrating leadership is important for employees at every level of an organisation. There are opportunities to lead every day, whether you hold a formal leadership position or not. In this course, leadership and personal development experts Lisa Earle McLeod and Elizabeth McLeod outline how individual contributors or SMEs can exhibit leadership by influencing, inspiring, mentoring, and motivating others. They also help you overcome unique challenges such as how to communicate when you think your boss or team is headed in the wrong direction.

Subjects: Business | Career Development | Leadership Skill Level: Intermediate Duration: 1h 5m

The Practising Photographer

In The Practising Photographer, photographer and teacher Ben Long shares a weekly serving of photographic instruction and inspiration. Each instalment focuses on a photographic shooting scenario, a piece of gear, or a software technique. Each instalment concludes with a call to action designed to inspire you to pick up your camera (or your mouse or smartphone) to try the technique for yourself.

Subjects: Photography Skill Level: Beginner Duration: 25h 6m

Redefining PowerPoint in the College Classroom

PowerPoint has become one of the most common classroom technologies. But today's college students expect more than bulleted lists. It's time to rethink your presentation style, and redefine what PowerPoint can do. Alan Ackmann shows how to create more interactive and dynamic lessons by reimaging how PowerPoint can be used. Learn what presentation styles are most valuable to students, and how key theories support the use of PowerPoint for cognition and knowledge transfer.

Subjects: Education | Education + Elearning | Software Skill Level: Beginner Duration: 1h 38m

Embedding Lynda.com content in teaching at Edinburgh University

At the time of writing, the University of Edinburgh has nearly 9,800 subscribers (students and staff) who are enjoying accessing Lynda's high quality and diverse range of content. Videos can be curated, shared, embedded and downloaded, allowing you to learn what you want, when you want.

In this issue, Dr. Jules Rawlinson, Programme Director for MSc Design and Digital Media speaks to us about how he has successfully managed to integrate Lynda.com resources into his academic teaching, something he feels has really benefited his students.

There's a wide range of material on here that's useful to all of the academics at Edinburgh University.

You can also view the above video on Media Hopper Create.

Course of the month: Learning to Write for the Web

The world wide web has become an essential part of our everyday lives. We use it at work, at home, during our daily commute, to check the latest news or weather...for almost everything we do. One thing we're all likely to agree on is that we like to find the information we're looking for as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

If you create and edit online content, whether it's for the University's website, a personal blog, WordPress site or social media channel, do you ever think about how quickly and easily your users can find the information they need? Does your writing lead to a positive experience for your user?

Chris Nodder's 'Learning to Write for the Web' course is aimed at beginners and takes you through seven practical techniques to help you write successfully for the web. These techniques, if applied correctly, should help to make your web content more appealing, help users to find what they need, and hopefully encourage them to return regularly.

This 1.5 hour course is packed full of useful information and even contains fun challenges at the end of each chapter for you to test your new found knowledge. Why not give it a go and see if you can improve your online material leading to a better experience for your users?

Lynda.com at the UoE by numbers

Lynda.com usage at The University of Edinburgh (Jan 16 - Nov 17)

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