The Virginia SOL test session is finally here. This school year just flew by. In this edition you will find several important links. Please remember that students often experience high levels of stress and anxiety during this time. Please continue to encourage all students to take their time; read each question carefully, and to do their best.

Please note that sometimes it is necessary to make adjustments to the rosters due to situations beyond our control. I am posting the schedules below; however they are subject to change.

I will begin with the April schedule for our seniors. It is important that every student listed is notified by their 1st period teacher of the upcoming test dates. Passes will be sent out for all students as usual.

May is a very busy month for all us. Please remeber to check the rosters and notify me any of your concerns. Test dates are set and cannot be changed unless we have a building emergency or school closures. The May schedule will include the student testing location.

The examiner schedule will inclued the date you are required to host the SOL test and the location in which you will report.

All hands on deck!
Department Training
  1. Department training will take place during the common planning periods. (English and Science)
  2. Please review the training materials prior to the training so we can move quickly through the material.
  3. All questions should be saved until the end of training. I am attaching the training material here for your review.
Score reporting proceedures
High School Information sharing from Director of Testing

SOL Testing Score Reporting Process

The School Testing Coordinator or designee should provide administrators and department chairs with SOL test results at the end of the day if those results are available. These results will then be shared with individual content teachers. Teachers should privately provide students with their results, in writing, as soon as possible. (Typically the day after testing) so preparation for expedited retakes can begin. SOL Writing test scores from the March testing window will be given to students the day after the teacher receives the results. Students who have not passed SOL tests by the end of the testing window will receive an invitation postcard to attend registration for Summer SOL Content Academies. All final Student Report results will be printed at the school and mailed home with report cards.*Scores are usually available by the end of the day; however some students may take longer to load.

Teachers will have one on one conversations with each student to discuss their score report. This should be kept confidential and not posted for others to see.

Exam exemptions

All End Of Course SOL Classes will offer exam exemptions for students that pass their SOL test. Please encourage students and make sure that they know that they can be exempt from the exam if the they pass their SOL. PLEASE make sure that students understand the exemption only pertains to the classes with a SOL. Some students get confused and we want to make sure everyone is clear.

Restroom breaks during testing

During your classes please alert students to the bathroom procedures during testing. Students are to use the restroom prior to the SOL. No student will be released for a restroom break unless it is an emergency. This is a directive from our division as well as the VDOE. Please see attached.

Sleeping during testing

Students are not permitted to sleep during SOL testing. Please be sure that this explained to them prior to the SOL test date. Please note that brain breaks are not sleeping. Students that need a brain break are permitted to take pause and rest their eyes; however they will not be permitted to go to sleep. A brain break should last no more than a few minutes.

Cell phone use during SOL

ALL cell phones are prohibited during SOL testing. Please remind students daily of the cell phone use policy. You may want to begin collecting cell phones daily to get the students used to the exercise. Please see attached document from the VDOE.

Practice Test prior to SOL

Please make sure students are given an opportunity to use the New TestNav 8 prior to the day of the test. Please follow this link to be sure that your students are ready.

Once students click the link "SOL Practice Items" they will then choose the subject. Encourage them to explore the tools and menus.

We are almost to the finish line!
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