Winging It Virgin America-Fort LaudeRdale Team january 2017

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

January 6, 2017

In the span of 70 to 80 seconds, a gunman at the Fort Lauderdale airport shot and killed five people and wounded six more, according to authorities.

All of us at Virgin America Fort Lauderdale would like to give our deepest condolences to all the victims involved in Friday's incident. We would also like to give a shout out to all the unsung heroes; the heroes that helped one another out during a time where there was a lot of chaos and uncertainty.

Alaska Meeting In Seattle

Each January, Alaska Air Group employees come together in cities across the network to learn more about what’s in store for the year ahead—and this year, Virgin America Teammates were welcome to join the fun! Our very own Nicholas Mesa was there and has some positive feedback to share...

Ben Minicucci, President and Chief Operating Officer of Alaska Airlines

My experience was really enjoyable! Over the course of the meeting, I was able to understand Alaska's plan and what is to come over the next couple Months/Year!

They targeted Virgin America because they knew what an awesome airline we all are! With the Merger, we are now the 5th largest domestic airline and the airline with the most daily departures from the West Coast!

That being said, in a personal note my main goal was to find out if our jobs were safe or not. From what our CEO said he seemed like we will be fine.

What I learned is that Alaska's number one goal is Safety which is awesome. They created 5 new focus areas

1. Be safe and on time 2. Focus on people. 3.Build a deep emotional connection with our brand 4. Defend and grow our customer base 5. Win with low costs and low fares

They wanted to change their old and not so exciting ones and mash with Virgin's awesome WOW moments so they created these:

1. Own safety 2. Do the right thing 3. Be kind-hearted 4. Deliver performance 5. Be remarkable

Personally the 5th one really struck me home because being remarkable is essentially the same as WOWing a guest. Giving them a remarkable experience that they wont forget!

What I am most excited for is the new expansion to the route map in 5 years!

Sunday February 12th through Tuesday February 14th

All you bakers out there put your aprons on and bake bake bake!!!

Great Local Restaurants You Reccommend

Mel and Nicholas - There's a spot on Hollywood blvd called Mauro's pizza, not as good as back home but that's my go to spot for pizza :)

John Buckhalter- Quickie's Burgers & Wings 1000 South State Road 7, Hollywood, FL 33023 Tel. 954 981-9464

Greg- JMarks is one of his favorite restaurants

Steve - Lester's Diner on State Road 84 right here close to the airport is very good and reasonable, if you want something quick and inexpensive but don't wan't to go to a fast food place. Lots of variety on the menu and lunch specials, and easy to get to.

Lester's Diner

Thelma - Tuccis Pizza - Relaxed spot for coal-fired pizza, Italian dishes & a selection of wine & craft beer! Very yummy & great to pair up with a good movie at the iPic!!!

Very yummy & great to pair up with a good movie at the iPic!!!


Christina's Vacation to Costa Rica

Too cute!!!

Lady AJ's Maui Vacation

Rise and shine ready for our 11 hr Road to Hanai Valley Tour...

Celebrity Sightings!!

George Lopez

Bob Saget

Scottie Pippen

Reviews by Greg Weiner A.KA. Hollywood Weiner

Want an interesting prospective on new movies releases in theatres and on Demand? Introducing ...

Hollywood Weiner, The Movie Critic

La La Land... is it worth the $$$

So I went to see La La Land yesterday. It is a throwback and forward to "Hollywood" movies. It relies on the old formula of breaking into song and dance, but with a more modern look and feel.

For the last few years the movies that have won the Academy Awards for best picture have been "inside" movies, meaning they didn't really appeal to a broad audience. I think this one is probably a little like that in the sense that some people will feel like it is just "typical" Hollywood movie making without any depth or real meaning. I grew up in the 70's when movies took a turn to "realistic" movie making. Films like the Godfather, Dog Day Afternoon, the Deer Hunter, and even the Exorcist and Jaws to a degree, were based in an ultra real look and feel that had not been done to such a degree. There were old films that were more melodramatic, but these films were more in your face and relied on acting to move the story along rather than just background music and other techniques to make you feel a certain way.

Although I love all these movies, you start to miss the feeling that simple stories and great acting can make you feel too. So after the last few years of sci-fi blockbusters, animated, art films that make you go "what the *#ck" and super heroes, La La Land is a nice movie with feeling and spirit that I think people will appreciate.

Now is it a Best Picture? I haven't seen a lot of the other movies that are nominated this year, but I feel that if this movie wins, I would be OK with it. It could be that I related to it in a lot of ways so it made me feel emotions that I am sure others will not. So to each his own with what they think, but if you want to see a movie that is a love story, a burning ambition to do what you want with your life, a song and dance movie, then you will be happy you chose to see La La Land.

January Recipe Hawaiian Style

Baked Hawaiian Chicken


Preheat oven to 450 F convection.

Combine pineapple juice, soy sauce, rice vinegar, brown sugar, tomato paste, garlic and ginger in a large baking dish. Stir to mix well. Place onion in into the baking dish and chicken on top without the pieces overlapping. Add pineapple chunks between (not on top of) the chicken pieces.

Bake for about 15 minutes and briefly remove the dish to baste the chicken with the sauce. Immediately continue to bake until the skin is crispy and a thermometer inserted near the bone reads 165 F (another 15 minutes).

Sparkling Watermelon Vodka Punch

1 oblong seedless watermelon (about 8 pounds), 3 cups vodka of your choice (I recommend Tito’s),3/4 cup fresh lime, 2 cups club soda, Fresh mint and lime slices for garnish

Slice the top sixth of your watermelon lengthwise using a sharp knife. (Don’t worry if it’s not exactly a sixth. Just cut a “lid” off that exposes enough of the melon to hollow it out easily, okay?) Please do this sober.

Scoop out the flesh of the watermelon until the rind is left with minimal pink showing.

In a blender or food processor, puree the watermelon in batches. Strain the puree through a fine mesh strainer, and discard the solids. You should be left with about 9 cups of watermelon juice.

Pour the watermelon juice back into the watermelon punch bowl. Add the vodka, lime juice and club soda and stir to combine.

Go trashy: Add ice to your sparkling watermelon punch bowl along with as many straws as you like. Get your friends. Get weird.

Go classy: Ladle punch over ice and garnish with fresh mint and lime slices.

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