Cyber bullying By: Shelby knechT

Technology had envolved through the years, in good ways and bad. A bad way that is a huge problem in our society is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying if you don't know, is online bullying and an aggressive act online. This happens everyday and all the time.

The rates of cyber bullying are horrible. At university of Minnesota they did a rate of cyber bullying victims range of 5% to 74%. A study at YRBSS states that in 1993 only 4.4% of students didn't want to go to school because they felt harassed or un safe. In 2015 it increased to 5.6% of students feeling unsafe, or uncomfortable to go to school. The chart below it shows how much cyber bullying has increased.

There are several ways and challenges to address the bullying/cyber bullying. Parents say how they feel they lack being involved in there children's online life and behaviors. Thankfully, schools are educating about cyber bullying a lot with policies, training, and assemblies. The best way to address the bully or to stop it is stand up for yourself and tell a parent, guardian, or a responsible adult right away. Also, simply by being nice and being the person who is getting bullied friend, that can make a big difference when someone is there for them. If someone is getting bullied, don’t laugh or support. You should tell a trusted adult or stand up and set a good example. Here is a video of how to stand up against bullying

This is Emma's story of cyber bullying and how she found help and didn't wait.

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