Champagne Taste with a Pauper's Wallet By: heidi M.

Robert drove his yellow Cadillac up the driveway that was now smooth, paved, and remarkably finished.

He knew what he had to do: first, walk into the house; second, face Caroline; and third, finally confront her about their money situation.

He stepped inside their shining, glimmering mansion trying to remain calm.

"Oh, Robert you're finally home!" Caroline exclaimed.

Across the room next to the counter, Caroline stood holding a silver teapot that glistened in the light.

Striving to retain his smile, Robert walked up to her.

Carolines face, though beautiful, was stricken with concern.

"Robert, is everything okay?" she asked with a quiver in her voice.

"Frankly Caroline no," he replied, "your spending habits, which have immaculate taste, are out of control."

"That's ridiculous," Caroline stated, "I spend just as much as a normal person."

"You know that's not true, and you know that you're the reason my check was cancelled today," Robert said starting to get aggravated.

Caroline, who couldn't take it anymore, could see the anger in his eyes, and she had to walk away.

Robert was now seething with anger towards Caroline, and he knew if he couldn't pay back the money by November 23, 2016, he would be broke.

It was extremely hard to make money in Paris, France, and he knew that he would never be able to pay his debt with Caroline around.

He knew that he had to break away from Caroline, so he wrote her a letter, making sure to sign it: yours truly, Robert, before laying it next to her favorite teapot, and making a swift exit.

Inside the house, floors shook as Caroline angrily stumbled upon Robert's letter, and her anger soon turned into sadness as she realized she would now have to work for her own money.

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