The diary of a part time indian

The conversation between Mr p and Junior is why he threw the book. They wanted to find out why junior threw the book at Mr p. It was because it had his moms name in it. During the conversation he finds out that the reservation cannot afford new books and the people on the reservation once had dreams that they could not achieve, because the government gave them so little money that they couldn't follow their dreams. Mr P said to Junior that if he wanted his dreams to come true, Junior would have to leave the reservation.
He decides he has to go to Reardon in order to follow his dreams.
On his first day at reardon, he meets this guy Roger, and Roger tells him a racist joke. So Junior responded by using the Spokane rule book on fighting to fight back at the joke. He then punches Roger in the face. He is confused because he did not know if it was an insult. He thinks Roger will stop bullying him when he stands up for himself.
I find it ironic that Penelope dressed as a homeless person because Junior was also dressed as a homeless person. Penelope dressed as a homeless person to raise money for the poor. Little does she know he is poor.
He then runs into Penelope right outside the library bathrooms. While there he finds out Penelope is bulimic. They become friends/a couple after the encounter.
He feels half Indian when he is on the reservation, and half white when he goes to Reardon.
The gift that Junior gets from his dad is an ugly and beautiful thing because it was the sweetest thing his father had done for him. It also made him ugly cry.
The irony of his grandmother's death was she died of her injuries after she got hit by a car. People normally lose their grandparents due to old age.
Junior is ashamed because his team won the basketball game, and Rowdy's team loses to Reardon. Welpinit loses a few more games before the end of the season.
His sister dies in a fire, and the people supported him, and his family. 20-30 people stay in his house. The irony is that he isn't mad because at least his sister died trying to achieve her dreams.
The end.
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