Auguste Rodin Alex Green a period 10/27/2016

His Life

Auguste Rodin, born November 12th, 1840, in Paris, was a famous French sculptor. He was known for making sculptures with deep pocketed clay. Finally, he was born and died in France but visited other places during his life such as Italy. He died November 17th, 1917 (Age 77).

His Works

Age of Bronze, 1877, 6' Tall, Bronze, Berlin
The Walking Man, 1878, 2'10" Tall, Bronze, Chicago
The Burghers of Calais, 1889, Bronze, 6' 8" Tall, Calais (France)
The Kiss, 1889, Marble, 5' 11.5" Tall, Paris
The Thinker, 1904 (Year shown to public), Bronze, 6' 1", Paris
The only object in this sculpture is a jacked guy pulling a phelps face looking like he's trying to understand the movie Inception. The sculpture is the color of corroded bronze, so the green of a thick mucus after a bad cold. Form and texture can be seen everywhere, as it is a sculpture, but specifically in the high level of detail of his muscles and facial features. I believe the artist is trying to create a feeling of tension or stress for what is going on in the world. I believe he constructed this to show how he feels about the Boer War. I personally would display this in my home as it is universally recognizable and I could charge people to see it making the money back in no time.

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