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The geological theme of location is the exact or relative point of to where it is. The relative location is next to Eritrea. The capital of Djibouti is Djibouti City and the exact location is 11.5721° N, 43.1456° E.

Djibouti City
Djibouti City
Djibouti City
Djibouti City

The continent that Djibouti is located on is Africa.

African aerial picture

”Djibouti is, in essence, a vast desert wasteland. From the narrow coastal plain, the land rises in the north to a small series of mountains. Central and south Djibouti is covered by a stony desert and scattered volcanic plateaus crisscrossed by deep, time-worn troughs, some with shallow salt water lakes.” It includes islands, wadis, and volcanoes such as doumeira islands, we'ima wadis, and the ardoukoba volcano.

Climate: Djibouti climate is hot all year and is about 29 degrees Celsius in the day. Which is a tropical desert climate, but it becomes semi desert in the south central highlands.

Tropical desert

The countries that border Djibouti are Eritrea to the north, Somalia to the east and Ethiopia to the south.

This is Ethiopia one of the bordering countries of Djibouti

One of the major bodies of water that is found in Djibouti is called lake Assal.

Lake assal

PLACE - physical and human differences.

Salt,Perlite,Gypsum,Limestone,Gold,Granite,Pumice, and Petroleum are some of the natural resources found in Djibouti.


Afar people, Issa, gadabuursi, dur, isaaqi, and djiboutians are some of the cultures in Djibouti.

Afar person

The religions of djibouti includes Muslim, the Sunni branch of Islam, and orthodox and Roman Catholic Christianity.


New Years, Labor Day, Christmas, and Independence Day are fixed holidays.

New year
Independence day

Djibouti government is a semi-presidential republic.

Currency: Djiboutian franc

GDP per capita: 1,668.34 USD (2013) World Bank

GNI per capita: 2,180 PPP dollars (2005) World Bank

GDP growth rate: 5.0% annual change (2013) World Bank

Internet users: 9.5% of the population (2013) World Bank -from google

The party system and parliament are dominated by the conservative People's Rally for Progress.

Djibouti hosts the only enduring U.S. military presence in Africa. -

Human environment interaction is the relationship between people and their environment.

About 23000 tons of assorted vegetables are produced by Djibouti like tomatoes


There is a lot of travel helper jobs there like translators ,but also have safety jobs like fire fighter, or government officials

Fire fighter

The Djibouti francolin and the Beira are two endangered species of Djibouti, they are endangered because their home is in poor condition


Deforestation, desertification, water pollution are some of the problems Djibouti faces and their solution is that they forgot to care.

Region is the part of the world you live in.

"This nine year education is now compulsory. In order to enter into the secondary educational system of three years, a Certificate of Fundamental Education is required." This is the education in Djibouti.

Building school
Building school
Building school

872932 is the population and the population density is 38.30.

The area of Djibouti is 8,958 mi².

The capita GDP of Djibouti is 1,668.34 USD.

The life expectancy for males is 61.8 and for females it's 65.3.

The countries literary rate is 67.9%, 78% for males, and 58.4% for females.

The climate region is dessert.

Movement is the transfer of people and information.

Djibouti's exports are coffee, salt, hides, dried beans, cereals, other agricultural products, chalk, and wax. Their imports are from France.


"The Djibouti flag was officially adopted on June 27, 1977, after gaining its independence from France. Blue is symbolic of the Issa people, green the Afar people, and the red star in the white triangle represents unity." -from

Flag of djibouti

The people of Djibouti got their independence by following the lead of the rest of Africa."France, which had colonized the country, had named it French Somaliland. On 27 June 1977, Djibouti gained independence from France. At the time, it was the last of France's colonies in Africa. The country changed its name to Djibouti, after its biggest city, and it became known as the Republic of Djibouti."-

Djibouti has technology like computers and broadband for education.

Broadband speed settings

The popular mode of transportation in Djibouti is too go to yoboki for the easiest of transportation is the bus.


In current news Djibouti has a Chinese naval base near it now and DP world wins case over Djibouti over bribe.

naval base
naval base
debate about base
naval base

Djibouti is a great place to visit if you want to see a beautiful site then go to the horn and if you want desserts go everywhere else and getting hot then go to the lake Assal.

Beautiful site

A life in a high schooler in Djibouti is going homeschool or going to a French school Djibouti itself grade only goes for 9 years and then stops so you would stay home and learn or go to a French school learn and after that you would eat learn and leave or stay home.

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Andrew Hornback


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