David Bailey By: Thailyea Lopez (W4)

David Bailey

Being trendy is dangerous. I've never been trendy, which is why I've never really fallen out of favour. -David Bailey

David Bailey started his professional career as a photographic assistant at John French Studio. In 1960, he worked as a photographer for John Cole’s studio. Later that year, Bailey was contracted by British Vogue magazine as a fashion photographer.

In the 1960s Bailey was most famous for his fashion photography, he made stars like Jean Shrimpton and Penelope Tree in the photo above.

David Bailey is considered one of the pioneers of contemporary photography, Bailey is credited with photographing some of the most compelling images of the last five decades. He first rose to fame making stars of a new generation of models including Jean Shrimpton and Penelope Tree.

Jean Shrimpton Photo By: David Bailey

During his childhood, David experienced problems at school as he was suffering from dyslexia as well as a motor skill disorder. Due to this, he had to attend a private school where did not learn as much. Bailey had then left school at the age of 15 to work at small time jobs. In 1956, he got his call for National Service and he served the Royal Air Force in Singapore in 1957. After he was demobilized in 1958, David decided to pursue a career in photography and bought himself a Canon rangefinder camera. From early years, David developed love for natural history, which led him towards photography. Due to his bad school record, he could not find a place in the London College of Printing, so he decided to join David Ollins as his second assistant.

1962 New York Vogue By: David Bailey

Bailey was not technically inept by any means; he understood lighting brilliantly, but never got hung up on it. "All that worrying about poncy lighting, making people look like landscapes or rocks." he said when talking about his technique for his “Bailey’s Democracy” nude project.His first camera that launched his career was a cheap knock off Rolleiflex copy that he picked up in Singapore while serving in the Air Force. He kept things simple, and focused on connecting with his subject (sometimes literally, as he developed something of a playboy reputation for his various romances and relationships with the models he would work with).

Growing up in a time of war wasn't easy, at the age of three Bailey's house was bombed during the WWII. Times were hard but the photographer has grate memories of him and his family going to the cinema every night because was cheaper to watch movies than to afford to heat their home.

David has been married four times. His first wife was Rosemary Bramble, whom he married in 1960. In 1965, David married actress Catherine Deneuve. Their marriage lasted for seven years. His third wife was model Marie Helvin. In 1986, David married model Catherine Dyer, to whom he is still married .David has been a long time vegetarian and he also refrains from drinking. He is a complete art lover and has loved the works of Picasso. Currently, David lives in Glastonbury, Somerset.

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