Being Home Picture blog of skaneateles, ny

The Judge Ben Wiles begins the docking process after a nightly dinner cruise

When people go home they enjoy things such as going to baseball games, going shopping, and other activities. Me? I like to side at the edge of Skaneateles Lake in Cliff Park and watch. Night or day I love sitting down on a bench, either by myself or with a friend or family member and watching the view of the lake weaving between 2 giant hills and watching all the boats zoom by the village. Sometimes I bring food or drink and sit and watch but most of the time I go to sit and watch. Its something not every 22 year old does but its something I enjoy doing very much. In the picture above, I sat in Cliff Park watching the sun slowly set and the light of the moon shine over the lake. The Judge Ben Wiles takes tourists and lake fanatics around the lake on different cruises. The night the picture was taken the Judge, short for the Judge Ben Wiles, was coming in after a long dinner cruise. The cruise lasts about 3 hours and goes about 9 miles down the lake. Dinner and drinks are served along with desert and appetizers. Families, couples, and friends get to enjoy the beautiful views and walk around the ship if they chose. While I was in high school I worked on the Judge as a bartender and waiter. I still keep in touch with my fellow co-workers when I return home. I did so the night this picture taken after all the passengers walked off the boat. A picture like the one taken is beautiful to many, but nights like this happen all the time when I'm home in Skaneateles. This night in particular was beautiful because of how blue the sky was and how flat the lake was as the Judge was coming back to the dock. It's nights like these that make it hard for me to leave home. Many people are excited to explore the world and move and work in different places. Me, I'm content with where I am and where I am from.

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