W/C 17th April 2017

Today while i had nothing to do, i finally decided to change the format of the research and put it into adobe spark, as i think it made the research have more of a creative look, rather then it just being some boring load of text on word.

Whilst i was doing this i also managed to complete another sprite sheet for enemies instead of just one enemy i decided to draw two, both look similar with minor differences, such as the red clothed zombie being larger in size along with a fatter face, also added was some missing chunks of the head and a missing eyeball, these minor changes will just give some variety to the game.

i'm also asking Ben to code the two differently giving the two some differences, such as the fatter zombie dealing more damage as in a real fight the larger enemy would have more power in attack, and i would like the fat zombie to sacrifice speed for this enhancement, i'm not good with unreal so im not sure how it will be done but i have faith it will be done fine, im happy with the way the sprites came out and are glad I've done more then one set of sprite sheets for the enemies and i am happy with the way they look, im hoping to get some feed back from Ben and maybe some people in the class and i will edit accordingly.

in the photo there is another zombie head in the left hand corner, this is just a placement for now but hopefully if i have time towards the end i will add a crawler zombie as we can add more mechanics to it, like the ability to wall jump, this could ass a wider range of gameplay compared to the normal standards of a 2d sidecroller.

i have spoken to Ben and weve came across a problem at home, on his computer it doesn't support unreal, so we are left with using my computer, which i dont mind but now our work that we can o at home is reduced in half as only one of us can work on the computer at any one time.to try and solve this problem i am currently trying to get unreal to work properly Bens computer and will hopefully have it running by the weekend.

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